[Update:  Twitter also posted a nice piece that details the OTA’s review process.  Check it out: https://blog.twitter.com/2012/06/twitter-recognized-by-online-trust.html]

As many of you know, we take security very seriously here at Sailthru. So, we’re thrilled that we’ve been named by the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) to its 2012 Online Trust Honor Roll recognizing our adoption of key technologies to help protect consumer privacy and security.

According to Craig Spiezle, executive director and president of the OTA, “OTA’s work to recognizebest practices for sites underscores the importance of focusing on security and privacy holistically. This year’s honor roll recipients have demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment towards consumer protections and to enhance the vitality of the Internet.”I’ve personally participated in OTA’s working committees and events, and wholeheartedly support their mission to promote best practices and enhance online trust and innovation across the board. Their efforts ensure the protection of critical infrastructure, passage of balanced legislation and promotion of self-regulation.

Honorees are determined by a composite analysis of ten security and privacy best practices, and another 30% of top eCommerce sites, 20% of FDIC 100 sites, and 50% of Social Media sites. OTA reviewed over 1,200 sites, and we are honored to be part of a list that includes industry leaders like Twitter, PayPal, Walmart and Bank of America.

If you have any questions about how we protect our data, please don’t hesitate to reach out.