Working with more than 400 brands across media, retail, ecommerce and tourism, Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s customer base is so varied that it can be hard to draw comparisons. One commonality we often see is that no matter the industry, many marketers increasingly must do more with less: smaller teams, fewer resources, less time.

In response, we brought together a group of our in-house email strategy and optimization experts to introduce Recipes to our Lifecycle Optimizer. They’re designed to help you augment your marketing mix with high-quality, easy-to-use triggers.

Think of Recipes as a Choose Your Own Adventure-style template designed to make flows easier. Each one includes a layout recommended by the Sailthru Academy team that includes pre-configured checks and waits, as well as action placeholders. Some of the flows even suggest the best ways to test.

There are five different Recipes, ranging from welcome streams to winback campaigns. Here’s a breakdown:

Sailthru Lifecycle Optimizer Recipes

1. Browse Abandoned

The Internet is so rife with distractions that it’s entirely possible for someone to forget to add an item to their cart in the first place. Browse abandonment is designed to engage those virtual window shoppers and encourage them to pick up where they left off.

How long ago did the customer browse your website? Did they purchase anything? Have they revisited your site since you started the flow? It’s very easy to cross the line into invasiveness where browse abandonment is concerned. With a series of yes or no questions, this Recipe helps guide you in the right direction.

2. Cart Abandoned

According to SaleCycle research, 14.5% of sessions on retailers’ websites end with people adding items to shopping carts. It’s a relatively low number, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers don’t want to buy anything. Given what a commodity attention is online, there’s a real possibility they got distracted by a cat video and just forgot, with their session expiring.

It’s obviously crucial for retailers to master the cart abandonment email. However, far too many of them send a single message. Going beyond the one-time email, this Recipe provides the foundation to send a whole series. You can choose to send escalating discounts, showcase recommendations for similar items, or even retarget a customer using a custom website lightbox or Facebook ad.

3. Post Purchase

With this Recipe, we guide you in the right direction to increasing repeat purchases and decreasing opt-outs per sale by presenting options for different flows based on different kinds of purchases: the first one or a particularly large one, for example.



Sailthru Lifecycle Optimizer Receipe: Post Purchase

By customizing the flows based on what makes your brand and buyers unique — or better yet, through experimentation — you’ll provide your customers with the experiences they want. That will ultimately drive more revenue.

4. Welcome Streams

Speaking of personalization and increasing repeat purchases: Welcome streams. These are your digital first impressions and they’re hugely important, in terms of engendering loyalty. Welcome emails have unusually high open rates and as a result, provide the perfect opportunity for you to reach consumers, who are, on average, far more brand loyal than you probably realize. When we partnered with Forbes, we also discovered that 56% of consumers check for electronic messages from their favorite brands at least once a week.

Much like cart abandonment, most brands send a single welcome email. But that’s not enough. Given how engaged people are at the onset of a relationship, there’s a huge opportunity to further introduce the brand, promote stickiness and nurture that first purchase. This Recipe helps you capitalize on that.

5. Winback Messaging

Similarly, winback messaging is the perfect way to reclaim the attention of someone who hasn’t engaged with your email, on-site or mobile channels in a while. These two Recipes have the same flows, both of which are designed to help you greet customers with open arms and cement — or re-cement — your brand as a favorite.

We recognize that, like the post-purchase flows, there are countless circumstances that could have inspired a welcome or winback stream. As a result, we’ve provided eight different templates, depending on if a transactional email was sent, clicked or opened; you want to send a browse or cart abandonment message; someone made a purchase; or you want to stoke engagement for someone who’s previously purchased, clicked or visited. There’s also a ninth “custom” option, just in case your online welcome wagon doesn’t fit into any of the previous categories.

If you’re a Sailthru customer and want to learn more about Recipes, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you haven’t worked with us before, click here for a demo.


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