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Customer experience is where more brands expect to compete than ever before. Yet marketing organizations are lagging in defining ownership and contribution. The culprit is not desire–66% of marketers have invested in digital channel modernization and 60% in analytics and insights, according to eMarketer–rather it’s in overcoming the barriers of real-time coordination of marketing messaging and engagement across multiple channels that is keeping marketing organizations from committing to the common cause.

According to a study by Retail Systems Research, commissioned by hybris, a Sailthru partner, consumer expectations far outpace retailer’s ability to deliver cross-channel experiences. Multiple studies on the topic have pointed to an incredibly wide range of barriers including poor quality customer profiles, a lack of understanding of messages and offers that will resonate and the inability to deliver personalized messaging.

Forrester Research Principal Analyst, Rusty Warner, in the November 2014 report, Advance Campaign Automation With Personalization And Real-Time Context, noted that evolving beyond traditional campaign management is imperative in the age of the customer. With 89% of companies expecting to compete mostly on customer experience vs. 36% four years ago, the ability to overcome the challenges of customer data, insights and cross-channel personalization are now mission critical to solve.

Answering the Call for True Cross-Channel Personalization

Enter Sailthru’s new Personalization Engine, the first true cross-channel solution for modern marketers to coordinate email, web and mobile experiences in real-time. We announced this new product at our annual digital insights summit, Sailthru Lift, and the response was clear: Now is the time for innovation and this is the path forward.

Leading media outlets including VentureBeat, MediaPost, DMNews and DestinationCRM covered the launch of the program and news that retailers The Clymb (an IR Top 500 Company) and DirectBuy, alongside publishers Resignation Media and Scripps Networks have signed on as early adopters.

Personalization Engine extends our proven expertise in data-driven, personalized email marketing out of the inbox, and into website and mobile experiences. Using Sailthru’s existing platform for email personalization, The Clymb has already experienced a 71% lift in email revenue and 72% reduction in churn. Now, The Clymb and other modern brands can bring the same level of sophisticated personalization to their websites and mobile applications, and coordinate these channel communications in real-time.  

Retailers are increasing revenue opportunities and conversion through:

– Coordinating personalized discounts based on an individual customer’s predicted purchase behaviors. With this capability retailers can now, for example, serve an individual customer who is predicted to spend $150 in the next 24 hours a discount offering 15% off a purchase of $200 or more, thereby increasing incremental revenue.

– Providing 1:1 personalized product recommendations across all areas of web and mobile, taking into account inventory and margin. Personalization Engine allows for complete flexibility to deliver 1:1 recommendations in any website or app structure across homepages, category landing pages, and product landing pages.

Publishers are working with Personalization Engine to drive acquisition, increase pageviews, and recirculation by:  

– Personalizing acquisition, upsell, and renewal module serving. With Personalization Engine, publishers can increase anonymous reader conversions and subscriber retention by individualizing calls-to-action for newsletter sign-ups and subscription management.

– Recommending section-specific content based on reader interests. Personalization Engine enables publishers to leverage audience interests within specific editorial sections. With content recommendations relative to an individual reader’s site navigation, publishers can boost recirculation and pageviews for both anonymous and known audiences.

It’s time for marketers to put a stake in the ground and become major players in the #CX battleground, because the time has come when they finally can. Stay tuned for more posts on how Personalization Engine is changing the retention marketing game!

To find out more about how Personalization Engine can help drive material lift for your KPIs, contact us for a consultation.
Jason Grunberg, Director of Content and PR, Marigold Engage by Sailthru