This week we’re introducing a brand new products page AND we gave our user lookup page a facelift to help you better visualize your users’ behaviors – double win! If you’re not familiar with these pages, here’s a quick recap:

Products Page – NEW!
Our products page is now available for those clients who have their shopping cart enabled and are using the Purchase API with Marigold Engage by Sailthru. The products page will display purchase data about specific products over the last 30 days, ranking the products starting with the product that gained the highest revenue to the product that acquired the least revenue. A few important features of the product page to note include:

  • The date a product is added into the Sailthru system represents the first time we crawled the product page, whereas the first sale date is the first time the product was purchased. These dates can be the same or different depending on when you added and sold your product.
  • The difference between the total number of items purchased and the number of unique purchasers will show you the average quantity purchased by each user who bought that item.
  • The abandoned cart revenue represents the money that was lost from those users who had items in their cart and abandoned the purchase.


User Lookup Page – UPDATED!
The user lookup page received a makeover this week with brand new visualizations of user-specific data. With the user lookup page, every Sailthru account has the ability to look up history and activity for any user imported into the Sailthru system. This page shows the lifetime values of a user’s clicks, opens, pageviews, and purchases, along with the past communications they may have received. A new addition to the user lookup page includes the ability to maximize and minimize sections of a user’s profile, thereby allowing you to see all the data that’s relevant to your business and helping you see the big picture for each individual user.


Stay tuned for more functionality updates and new features as we constantly work on improving our platform to make your data more actionable, relevant, and intelligent.