Today, the Beta version of our new and improved Campaign interface is live for all Sailthru Super Admins! We encourage everyone to play with the interface and get a feel for the new additions. While it will still look pretty familiar to you, we’ve made some visual changes that will make it even easier to access much of your information. Check out a quick overview video of the changes  you can expect with the new interface.

You will be able to explore the new Campaign interface and switch back to the old Campaign workflow up until June 4th, when the new Campaign interface will become permanent.


Some changes you will notice include and will allow you to:

  • Access to the Recurring Campaign scheduler from the sidebar

  • Add counters for each sidebar category

  • Sort your campaigns in all categories

  • Select multiple campaigns and delete them at once

  • See the subject of each campaign below the campaign title

  • See the progress of your sending campaigns through a progress bar

  • Easy access to the refresh button

  • Pause and resume a sending campaign completely from the Sailthru dashboard

  • Edit a paused sending campaign

  • View the click and open rate in the sent campaign category

  • Easier access to different types of campaigns with new icons to represent: A/B, recurring, and SMS campaigns


We’re excited to share these new features with you and welcome your feedback as you explore the new UI. You can expect additional video training on the new Campaign UI in the next few weeks! Please feel free to send your comments to