While we have just flipped the calendar to May, it feels like time has paused in the month of March. Everything about our routines has changed; we’re now commuting from the kitchen to our make-shift offices in the dining room, working out in our living rooms instead of a studio… the list could go on and on. The way we’re celebrating holidays has also changed, with birthdays, religious occasions, and now Mother’s Day taking place via video call and not at our typical family brunch.

This time spent apart from our family and friends has made everything seem more meaningful, so how do you show the moms, grandmas and dog moms in your life that you care this Mother’s Day? By spending more money on thoughtful gifts to show our appreciation from miles and miles away. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to spend an average of $205 on cards, special meals and other gifts, approximately $8 more than last year.

In addition to the 122 million phone calls made on Mother’s Day (more than any other day of the year, by the way), moms all around the world may be receiving the likes of new tech gadgets, books, housewares, and gardening tools, to make up for the time we can’t spend together. Here are six of our favorite Mother’s Day emails:

Tory Burch: “Can someone forward this to Tory, please?”

You might be wondering, “Who’s Tory and why should I be forwarding her this email?” Fear not, this didn’t get sent to you by accident, but rather, it’s an email from Reva, the mother of Tory Burch, letting you know all the things she might want to be receiving from her daughter this year. Hint hint: you might want to take a look at their sport collection; activewear has dual purpose for both lounging and some light spring gardening.

Tory Burch_Mother's Day

Alex and Ani: “The Mother’s Day Gift Guide is Here ????”

Don’t usually shop for jewelry and unsure of where to start? Alex and Ani is another brand being all-inclusive of every mom out there, taking the pressure off of customers with their guide that highlights gifts to get for moms, daughters, sisters, best friends, and godmothers. You can’t go wrong with a heart-shaped locket or personalized bangle, both are sure to put a smile on her face.

Alex and Ani_Mother's Day

Barnes & Noble: “Stories to Share with Mom”

Compared to the first half of March, online book sales rose a whopping 777% during the first half of April. Barnes & Noble highlights a special Mother’s Day section broken down by genre, recommendations based on new and popular books, and even some DIY kits to hand make a gift. Instead of dusting off those books from 10+ years ago looking for something to read, grab a book (or five) and try starting a book club on Mother’s Day. By the looks of the data, some of you already have that in mind.

Barnes & Noble_Mother's Day

The Sill: “Gifts for all the Mamas in your life ????”

Nothing says spring and Mother’s Day more than a perfectly potted plant. The Sill put together a special collection to celebrate all the mamas in our lives — the plant moms, the hip moms, the mom that helped you grow, the new mom, the best mom, and for the mom that could use a little pick-me-up. In another Mother’s Day-themed email, they acknowledged that this can be a tough holiday, even in normal circumstances, and are choosing to shift the focus of sending sunset orchids or fiddle leaf ferns to the special plant person in our life, whoever that may be.

The Sill_Mother's Day

Zales: “???????? We All Know Who Mom’s Favorite Is”

Whether you’re a full-time pet mom or chose to foster a pet to keep you company at home during this time, pet moms are moms, too. Zales is hinting that there’s something pet-related within the email and it doesn’t disappoint — there are options to personalize pendants with your dog or cat’s paw-fectly (or purr-fectly) cute face.

Zales_Mother's Day

Coach: “Mom’s First Surprise Just Arrived! (There’s One Every Hour)”

This subject line draws intrigue by letting you know that Coach will be dropping a new sale by the hour, with each product on sale for only 59 mins. It’s (almost) like visiting a casino — do you make the first purchase or take the chance and wait for something else that’s more mom’s style? That’s up to you, but hopefully you choose the right crossbody bag.

Coach_Mother's Day

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