How to Optimize Your Media Email Newsletter for Retention ‑‑ And the Brands Who Get it Right

The digital media landscape is evolving at an aggressively fast clip; and as media and publishing has transformed over the last 20 years, consumer behavior has evolved just as significantly.

But one thing remains (somewhat) the same: email newsletters are one of the best ways for marketers to engage directly and meaningfully with readers. Some media marketers, however, are doing it better than others. The best email marketers of the bunch are experiencing upticks in engagement, audience development, subscriptions, and revenue. The worst are struggling to maintain a loyal readership and are quickly losing ground to the growing competition.

To help you make sure your email marketing is on track, Sailthru’s team of email marketing specialists have put together this SlideShare where you’ll:

• Learn how to optimize your media newsletters to increase retention and engagement

• Get an inside look at the brands who are deploying best-in-class email programs that power engagement, conversion and profitability

Check out the full SlideShare presentation below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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