True Blood is a hip HBO series about vampires in a small southern US town. With the development of a synthetic blood substitute, vampires are now able to integrate themselves into human society. It’s a favorite show with some of the team at Sailthru and we thought there might be some bright ideas to learn from the dark side. So, without sucking up too much of your time, here are five True Blood quotes that offer a little wisdom on email and multi-channel marketing!

“This is not possession. This is union.” – Marnie

Worry more about sharing your content than controlling it. Your subscribers are partners in distributing it. Make social sharing easy by placing social share links adjacent your content. At the bottom of a post in your blog posts and anywhere and everywhere you have content. Click here to use our easy sharing functionality.

“That’s exactly what a zombie would say, ‘I’m not a zombie.’ ”

It really doesn’t matter what or who you think or say you are. Your subscribers will judge you by your actions, so be consistent, be relevant and follow the simple rule of never sending people crap.

“Never say never when there’s the internet.” – Sam

Don’t assume there’s nothing new under the sun (odd advice coming from a vampire) because things can change fast on the web. Keep up to date on trends and new ideas by following leading blogs such as this one, subscribe to as many other newsletters as you can and don’t forget to check out those email marketing design “look books” for inspiration.

“Never underestimate the power of blind faith. It can manifest itself in ways that bend the laws of physics or break them entirely.” – Sophie-Anne

Are you A/B split testing?  Test such things as subject lines, days/time of sends and just about anything else in your email marketing. Blind faith may indeed be able to bend the laws of physics, but it does absolutely nothing for your email marketing ROI.

“This is so embarrassing. I’d die if I wasn’t already dead.” – Jessica

You’re going to make mistakes in email or some other social channel. Don’t try to cover them up or make excuses. Apologize, accept responsibility, make things right, and move on.

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