On any given day there are 200 billion emails sent and received. That number grows significantly larger during the holiday season.

Email marketing is at the heart of every successful holiday strategy. Yet, with immense pressure for holiday conversion and an increasingly smaller window for reaching customers (hello Christmas Creep!), email marketers are faced with decisions that can’t be met with intuition alone, like:

• How often do I send email to my audience?

• What days and times should I send?

• What days during the holiday season are most profitable?

• When are my customers most likely to open and clickthrough our emails?

Our Email Marketing Holiday Data Report will answer these questions and more for all marketers finalizing or looking to spot-check their email campaign schedule before Black Friday. Based on the performance analysis of more than 475 million ecommerce emails, this must-have report will also shed some light on the data-backed email trends every marketer should be looking at well into 2015.

So, is your holiday email strategy ready? Download now to find out!