Shiny Object Syndrome is all too common in marketers, who are always on the lookout for new ways to engage consumers and new places to do so. Meanwhile, email marketing’s potential was foreshadowed when the very first promotional email was sent.

Subsequently known as “The Father of Spam,” a marketing manager named Gary Thuerk emailed 400 ARPAnet users — that was mass communications in 1978 — to promote Digital Equipment Corporation computers, resulting in $13 million in sales. Four decades later email marketing is the most tried-and-true channel. It’s where most consumers prefer to receive promotional content and the ROI is roughly 4300%, according to the Data & Marketing Association.

However, that doesn’t mean email marketing isn’t changing just as rapidly as its digital counterparts. There are new regulatory changes and privacy concerns to keep in mind, not to mention advancements in technology. For example, artificial intelligence represents an evolution, as it enables marketers to send out more personalized and relevant communications than ever before.

What’s an email marketer to do? We’d recommend attending the Association of National Advertisers’ Email Evolution Conference, an event designed to “keep you on the cutting-edge of email marketing.” EEC promises an in-depth look at the critical issues you face, and how to meet them head on and thrive in an ever-changing industry. Here are three reasons why you should attend:

1. Educational Workshops on Day One

The three-day Email Evolution Conference kicks off with a day of workshops. Are you up to date on the latest email and data protection regulations across the world? Do you know how put segmentation and personalization into practice to take your email marketing program to the next level? Email marketing is quantified by hard metrics, but do you understand the psychology of open rates and engagement? Can you pass a test on what the multitude of deliverability acronyms stand for? The workshops will help you answer all those questions and more.

2. The Agenda Has Something for Everyone

Brands like Dell, Hilton and Tory Burch will share their respective success stories in re-engagement, personalization and modernizing a luxury brand identity with email marketing. A panel of deliverability experts (including our own Brooke Hamilton) will answer all your questions in an “Ask Me Anything” session. Monica Deretich, VP of Marketing and CRM at JustFab, will share how personalization helped boost revenue from email by 11% from top customers and 57% from abandoned cart campaigns. There’s also… so many good ones that we’ll break them down in a separate post. Consider this a taste.

3. Come for the Email Evolution; Stay for the Southern Charm

Would thousands of people have attended Shoptalk last week if it were held in Las Vegas, New Mexico? Location is a big part of conferences’ appeal and Savannah, Georgia, is a great one. The Email Evolution Conference ends on a Friday afternoon. Spend the weekend admiring the Spanish moss and the antebellum architecture that gives the historic city that quintessential Southern aesthetic. You can also see where Forrest Gump famously compared life to a box of chocolates.

Still not enough? Conference tickets include complimentary memberships to the Email Experience Council, which has a mission to be the voice of the email marketing community. Get your ticket here!