The retail space is in the midst of a radical shift. Retail sales in the U.S. alone reached $4.53 trillion in 2013, with online shopping accounting for a significant portion of that growth–up 16.9%, or nearly $40 billion. While traditional brick-and-mortar is still king, ecommerce is growing at an explosive rate, faster than its predecessor. For 2014, eMarketer predicted that ecommerce sales would increase 15%, moving the online portion of total retail sales to 20%. That figure is going to continue to grow in the years ahead as technology continues to keep pace with the online shopping shift.

To succeed in this period of evolving customer demands marketers needs events like WIRED Retail. Bringing together tech giants, innovative new players and the top names in ecommerce and retail, we’re so excited for our CEO & Founder Neil Capel to take to the main stage at the event.

Neil’s presentation will cover topics and challenges that retail marketers are facing today in the industry’s digital transformation and answer questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be a modern marketer in retail and ecommerce?

  • What tools and technology do marketers need to be successful?

  • How is data the most central, critical component of reaching that success when competing against retail juggernauts like Amazon, Alibaba and others?

  • What role does real, 1:1 personalization play with customers?

  • How do marketers translate tried-and-true retail techniques into ecommerce customer experience?

  • Why does data science matter, and how is it going to further define the new face of retail?

If you’re attending WIRED Retail, you absolutely can’t miss it. Click here for full speaker details, and to learn more about Neil.