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We are excited to announce our new Auto-Event Attribution. This new feature automatically attributes events and conversions directly from every push notification you send, without any additional effort.  

We have also enhanced our Message Performance Analytics to include Influenced Opens, which provides a breakdown of both direct and indirect app opens as a result of a notification. This is another step towards making by Sailthru the most marketer-friendly mobile platform.

Auto-Event Attribution

Setting up event attribution is a key pain point for most marketers as with most mobile marketing tools, events have to be manually assigned in advance of sending every single message or campaign. We recognize that customer journeys are complex, and often customers surprise you with unexpected behavior. Our auto-event attribution surfaces a complete funnel of all events users perform post-message instead of manually adding every single event in advance.

How to do this:

When you track events from your app, you can directly attribute conversions and actions as a result of an influenced open. To do so, simply define and track your custom events in your app’s logic, and we will surface the top 25 events in the Custom Events/Conversions section. You can also obtain the full list using our Stats API. These events are automatically sorted by count (high to low), so you can easily identify the best performances in terms of conversions.

Smarter Segmentation

Auto-event attribution gives you a greater understanding of how your audience responds to notifications, which can better inform your approach to segmentation and targeting.  Marketers using custom events and attributes, can see up to 3X the direct open rate compared to marketers who don’t.

Ecommerce Example #1: Reduce cart abandonment and re-engage with people who purchased more than once but haven’t opened the app in the past 2-3 days.

Media Example #1: publishers can drive engagement by retargeting people who casually check the app’s main screen without reading stories.

Influenced Opens

When you send a push notification, we now track how that notification influenced people to open your app. Influenced opens can be direct or indirect.

  • Direct opens track how many opens occurred as a result of tapping a notification
  • Indirect opens* track how many opens occurred as a result of seeing the notification (for example, people who saw a notification but opened the app from the home screen).
    • *This metric is not unique, meaning if a user opens the app indirectly twice within the attribution window, this will count as two indirect opens.

Adding this breakdown between direct and indirect opens provides clarity when analyzing the response to your messaging. Direct tap throughs give you the most granular picture of how a single push or an entire campaign has performed. Indirect give you a less detailed picture but still provides incredible insights, showing you the lingering impact of a push throughout a 12 hour window.

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