With mobile dominating as the device of choice for the majority of consumers, it’s never been more important for mobile marketers to capture and engage the attention of their audiences through apps. But brands who were early to the mobile market no longer have a stellar advantage; virtually all of the world’s best, biggest and fastest-growing consumer facing brands have mobile apps. Simply having an app is no longer a differentiator. Instead, the brands winning on mobile are the ones with sticky customer experiences that breed loyalty.

The secret behind a killer mobile CX? Mobile messaging…and not just push. Mobile messaging is evolving rapidly. Every app can send basic push, but what really sets apart the good from the great is timely and personalized push, combined with rich in-app messaging.

This shift towards a more integrated mobile messaging approach is why we’ve rebuilt our Message Compose interface from the ground up to increase use of features with ease, and to make messaging much more flexible.

We’re proud to announce that the new and improved Message Compose is now live for all Carnival.io by Sailthru customers.

Carnival.io’s new edge-to-edge Message Compose interface

Here’s a quick snapshot of the improvements we’ve made to further advance Carnival as the easiest-to-use and most marketer-friendly mobile messaging platform in the market.

Ease of Use:

  • Industry-first edge to edge compose interface —  Say goodbye to clunky tabs and scrolling interfaces, Carnival’s new Message Compose is truly edge to edge with a clutter free design that’s incredibly intuitive. Now, you can create messages faster and easier than ever before. 
  • Single interface for push and/or in-app message composing — We’re so excited about this part. Now, marketers will be able to create push notifications and in-app messages in the same interface, at the same time or separately, if desired.
  • Improved preview screen  — We know the anxiety of having to “push the button.” Our new preview screen gives you the full who, what and when of your message before hitting send.

Message Flexibility and Advanced Features:

  • Built for the future — This new interface was designed and built with robust A/B testing functionality in mind. It’s an excellent canvas to build A/B testing on, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it in the future.
  • Automated message options — Carnival’s old composer didn’t have a clear grouping for automated message options on the interface. In the new compose, they are grouped together so you can build automated message campaigns seamlessly.
  • Supports more combinations of content — We are now less strict with what content you are able to add to a message. If you want to include a link, video and image all in one message — go for it! Sky’s the limit.

If you’re a Carnival.io or Sailthru customer and want to learn more about the new Message Compose, please contact your Customer Success representative. If you’re not yet part of the Carnival and Marigold Engage by Sailthru family and want to see us in action, let’s get in touch.