Fashion bloggers and A-list celebrities, including the likes of Taylor Swift, have deemed The Cambridge Satchel Company and its products among fashion’s ‘must-have’ accessories since it was founded in 2008. The company continues to grow its global customer base, and has gone on to open stores in its hometown of Cambridge in addition to Edinburgh, Brighton and London’s Covent Garden, as well as distributing to over 120 countries worldwide through its global website.

To increase revenue, The Cambridge Satchel Company has renewed its focus on innovations in both product development and marketing. This is a retailer that offers classic products, but is looking to completely modernize its approach to customer strategy development. With this focus on the future, The Cambridge Satchel Company has partnered with Marigold Engage by Sailthru to understand what motivates customers to convert from browsers to buyers, make repeat purchases, increase spend and remain loyal to the brand.

The Tech Trendsetter

The Cambridge Satchel Company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mario Muttenthaler, knows what it takes to make it in the world of digital retail. After leading Sales & Marketing at Mr Porter, Net-A-Porter and, Muttenthaler recognizes that when it comes to success in retail, retention must be a priority.

The most effective method for increasing retention and long-term revenue in our digital world is through personalization. This is why The Cambridge Satchel Company has selected Sailthru as their partner.

“Marigold Engage by Sailthru enables our team to combine multiple data streams across different communication channels, providing a much more holistic picture of our customers. This insight into customer behaviour enables more specific, personalised targeting of our products. With Sailthru we’re maximizing the ongoing growth of our product line by treating every customer as an individual and presenting products that are relevant based on their behaviours across our marketing channels,” said Muttenthaler.

Mobile Mavens with a Social Edge

By 2020 mobile commerce will account for up to 45% of total ecommerce, totaling $284 billion in sales. It’s increasingly evident that there is a need for retailers to find solutions to increase mobile conversion. And with the success of The Cambridge Satchel Company’s social media channels — Instagram and Facebook being the two most valuable platforms for the brand — it is no surprise that Muttenthaler’s future plans include using Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s technology to create personalized experiences for customers via mobile:

“Sailthru gives us the ability to understand buyer interests through their data collection capabilities and the platform’s predictive analytics are helping us to understand purchase intent. By combining interest and intent we have the unique ability to make product recommendations both in email and on our website that are consistent on an individual customer level. Additionally, measuring intent on an individual basis allows us to respond to buying signals so that we can serve content that inspires and educates to consumers not ready to buy and the right products to customers ready to convert.”

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