According to, Sailthru is a Pearl

Mike Cirello of set out on a quest a while back to find an email service provider with the following criteria:

  • Cost.  Oyster is a startup and doesn’t like to pay Big Company prices.
  • Deliverability.  Spammers have made email deliverability a huge pain in the rear.  Getting your message into your customer’s inbox is not trivial.
  • API.  Mike wanted a solution he could extend.
  • Features.  The fewer things Mike had to write, the more time he could spend on his site.


He tested about a dozen ESPs before deciding Sailthru best met the needs of We’re glad Oyster thinks we’re a pearl when it comes to email marketing, and we appreciate Mike’s honest feedback. “[Sailthru] probably [has] the worst designed website in the industry, but I heard good things about them so I got a demo account and took it for a spin… At the end of the day we chose Sailthru.”

Re: the website: we know, Mike! And we’re working on it. All things in due course.

Read the details on why Mike and decided on Sailthru, and how we’ve helped them deliver.

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