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When it comes to long-term success in retail, turning occasional shoppers into lifetime customers is one of the most effective strategies a business can implement. And at no time is this more important than the holidays. It’s simple math: Engaging seasonal shoppers and converting them into repeat buyers provides a solid foundation for higher sales throughout the year.

Savvy companies know it’s far more cost-effective to strengthen relationships with existing customers than it is to find and acquire new ones. A recent global study by Forbes Insights and Marigold Engage by Sailthru shows companies that make retention a priority significantly increased year-over-year market share compared with those that focused on acquiring new customers.

But building those lifetime customer relationships doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a solid retention strategy and effective deployment of email, online and mobile messaging, and customer loyalty programs, especially during the holiday season. For many retailers, it’s a make-or-break moment. Sure, numbers may be up during the gift-buying rush, but if businesses fail to put retention strategies into place, those customers will disappear just as quickly as they showed up.

Luckily, those fourth-quarter shoppers present a huge opportunity for years to come — if handled correctly. Here are some suggestions for turning holiday shoppers into lifelong customers.