Jonathan Basker (Betaworks), Sintha Rajasingham (NYCEDC), and Katie Bukstein (Sailthru) catch up after the NYCEDC sponsored LatAm to NYC Tech Recruiting Panel, part of the World to NYC series.

The panel, hosted at Huge in DUMBO, featured a healthy discussion on recruiting challenges and advantages within the tech industry in NYC. Key takeways: The NYC tech & start-up scene is rapidly expanding. Unlike it’s counterpart of Silicon Valley, NYC is not an industry specify town yet the diversity of the city lends itself to its own collaborative spirit and supportive environment.

Katie and her fellow panelists, which included Jonathan Basker, Howard Smith (Spotify), Daniel Chait (Greenhouse) and moderator, Chris Johns (Uncubed), all agreed that there is a demand for tech talent in NYC and a huge opportunity for growth, the real challenge for companies is scaling responsibly and acquiring talent that is both a professional and cultural fit.