Businesses essentially want two things: happier customers and more customers. So how can businesses keep their customer base happy and attract new visitors? In short, with communication and messaging strategies that cater the message to each individual user. The more personal, the better.

Companies today rely on mass communication and traditional messaging, but these strategies don’t give companies the competitive edge they used to.  As the volume of mass messaging increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate relevant from irrelevant content, and as a result, consumers tune out. According to a recent Radicati report, email users on average received 62 non-spam emails per day in 2012, and that number is projected to rise over the next few years as the number of email subscribers, particularly corporate accounts, continues to increase.  This suggests that users will either make the choice to spend less time per email, selectively choose which emails to read or simply set stronger filters.  For companies this poses a real challenge to cut through the noise to deliver messages and provide onsite experiences that keep a consumer engaged or risk the dreaded spam bin.

At the end of the day, a person should engage with your brand because he or she likes it, and companies should focus on cultivating a customer base of individuals who both care about the company and will help organically expand their user base. Mass messaging is absolutely valuable, but send a million personally tailored emails rather than one generic message.  With Smart Data technology personalization at scale is more accessible to companies large and small than ever before. At Marigold Engage by Sailthru, we enable competitive edge by engaging audiences on a personalized and 1:1 level.

We have several algorithms that help us determine the ideal time of day or week an individual should receive mail. There are several factors we evaluate here, but we primarily consider the user’s history of open times and, especially for new customers, the business’s most popular times of day and day of the week.  We highly recommend sending emails at a different time of day per user.  If a business is not using Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s products, then at the very least, it should attempt to identify which times of day and which days of the week are most popular for their brand. Don’t just send at the time that is generally popular for your business’s vertical, you’ve got to make it personal! We enable our clients to choose their own send time periods so that they can leverage both their own analytics and ours simultaneously. The result? Happier, more engaged customers.

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