"Refinery29 has partnered with Sailthru for more than a decade because its customer success teams are world-class, and the platform is equally powerful and easy to use." Denise Meikle, Marketing Manager
+86% increase in
engaged user base
+2% increase in median open rates
for Everywhere newsletter


Digital media brand Refinery29 brings a refreshing authenticity and distinct voice to the world of publishing. The digital publisher became a Sailthru client back in 2008 and though a lot has changed since then, our partnership has remained a constant. Email is the key component for Refinery29 to build brand awareness and grow an engaged audience. Sailthru has been there from the jump, offering strategic vision, guidance and collaboration. Here were their goals:

  1. Improve efficiencies
  2. Optimize email engagement
  3. Serve readers relevant content
  4. Reduce opt-outs



With the introduction of automation to scale, adhering to a testing centric culture, bringing personalization into the mix and working smarter, not harder, with an intelligent deliverability strategy, Refinery29 proved small teams can produce big results. Here’s a look at the key milestones our teams work together to achieve with Sailthru’s strategic guidance:

  1. Using personalization, Refinery29 mixed recommended and curated content within their newsletters
  2. Refinery29 reformatted and tested a few different email templates, and designed a template optimized for generating pageviews.
  3. Using Sailthru’s data feed capabilities, Refinery29 was able to automate weekly sends by pulling fresh Money Diaries content and relevant subject lines resulting in efficient use of resources.
  4. Refinery29 generated new suppression lists for their newsletter sends with the guidance of our Deliverability team and experienced an increase in median open rates.


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