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Benefits for Digital Media
and Publishing Enterprises

Digital media and publishing enterprises continue to struggle to increase revenue. The ongoing evolution of consumer behaviors and media distribution from print to digital, and now to social platforms, requires publishers to remain nimble. Yet, while digital continues to grow faster than all other forms of revenue, just a handful of brands headline this trend.

Find out below how Sailthru helps drive success for leading publishers such as Business Insider, SheKnows Media and San Francisco Chronicle.

Increase Traffic from Email

Email marketing continues to be a primary driver of revenue for digital publishers. Nearly 81% of media marketers and audience development leaders cite increasing traffic from email as a top priority.

Publishers work with Sailthru to increase traffic from email by:

  • Growing lists organically through personalized acquisition tools on websites, and building lookalike audiences for paid acquisition programs
  • Personalizing the content, cadence, send time and advertisements in recurring email newsletters
  • Personalizing recommended content across websites and mobile apps
  • Developing personalized onboarding email series to share top posts and other ways to engage with the brand
  • Segmenting audiences based on interests, previous behaviors, and predicted behaviors
  • Deploying personalized re-engagement campaigns and calls to action across web and mobile

Acquire New Audiences

To increase the acquisition of revenue-producing readers, high-performing digital media enterprises work with Sailthru to connect their audience acquisition and retention initiatives.

Sailthru promotes profitable audience growth through:

  • Downstream analysis of acquisition sources
  • Building lookalike audiences based on predicted pageviews and other revenue-impacting metrics
  • Integrations with Facebook, Twitter and Google
  • Personalized, customizable audience acquisition tools for publisher websites and mobile apps

Increase Repeat Visits & Pageviews

Until recently, audience volume was the hallmark of most revenue strategies. Forward-thinking publishers now realize that cultivating loyal audiences not only delivers more revenue over time, but also strengthens a publisher’s selling proposition to advertisers.

Publishers rely on Sailthru to:

  • Personalize email marketing, website experiences, mobile messaging and in-app content
  • Segment audiences based on behaviors to optimize newsletter and mobile messaging content and cadence
  • Segment audiences based on the volume of pageviews individuals are predicted to deliver
  • Deliver and measure personalized onboarding email streams designed to develop repeat reading habits
  • Deploy personalized re-engagement campaigns and calls to action across web and mobile

Decrease Churn

There’s no value in audience growth if you’re constantly working to replace readers and subscribers that have disengaged or churned. Through a range of proactive strategies, marketers can predict, preempt and prevent audience attrition.

With Sailthru, publishers protect their lists by:

  • Personalizing email marketing, website experiences, mobile messaging and in-app content to maintain engagement
  • Leveraging the complete history of reader interests to ensure highly relevant content recommendations
  • Identifying individuals likely to opt-out through predictive analytics and automating the suppression of these readers from communications
  • Re-engaging readers through personalized email marketing
  • Drive Paid Subscriptions

    Email, website and mobile marketing personalization are critical to driving paid subscription conversion and renewal. It takes more than discounted offers to nurture potential subscribers; more than triggered reminders to confirm renewals.

    Increase paid subscription revenue with Sailthru by:

  • Executing campaigns designed to drive subscription conversion based on predefined behavioral triggers
  • Predicting purchase behavior to ensure the right readers receive subscription offers
  • Deploying onboarding email streams with paid subscription calls to action
  • Personalizing email, web and mobile calls to action to drive renewal
  • Benefits for Retailers and Ecommerce Leaders

    Savvy retailers know that the key to success is to prioritize solutions that help build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their customers. These retailers believe that human connections matter more than ever—and that by identifying and retaining their best customers, they can build sustainable, profitable growth.

    Find out how innovative retailers including JustFab, Rent the Runway and Alex and Ani are working with Sailthru to retain more customers and generate more revenue.

    Increase Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer lifetime value is one of the metrics that matter most to high-performing retailers. It’s not a proprietary model for calculating lifetime value that makes these retailers unique, it’s that they connect their acquisition and retention efforts in an ongoing cycle, allowing them to increase this vital performance metric.

    Sailthru customers continuously increase lifetime value through:

    • Downstream analysis of acquisition sources to determine efficacy
    • Predictive analytics that forecast customer lifetime value for every individual
    • Segmentation of top customers to build lookalike audiences for targeted acquisition campaigns with Facebook, Twitter, and other partner platforms
    • Personalized, cross-channel messaging designed to increase purchase frequency, repeat purchase rates, and average order value—while decreasing churn

    Increase Repeat Purchase Rates

    A healthy volume of repeat purchasers is essential to a healthy business—on average 40% to 80% of retail revenue comes from repeat buyers. But for most retailers, few customers convert into loyal shoppers. This is why more than 50% of retail marketers cite increasing this metric as a key priority for the year ahead.

    Impact this critical metric with Sailthru by:

    • Deploying post-purchase messages via email, mobile and web to feature recommended products and personalized offers
    • Personalizing the send time of email and mobile communications based on an individual customer’s previous open history
    • Personalizing product recommendations based on an individual customer’s previous purchase price points
    • Predicting when and what a customer will purchase next, and automating email, web and mobile messaging to feature the right product at the right time
    • Showcasing win-back offers to lapsed buyers across all digital channels, including retargeting via social media

    Increase Average Order Value

    Increasing average order value by mere percentage points among your top customers can have a dramatic impact on total revenue. To do so, you must have the ability to recognize and capitalize on every individual revenue opportunity.

    Sailthru customers get ahead by:

    • Upselling and cross-selling via email, web, mobile apps and social retargeting with personalized product recommendations
    • Deploying cross-channel personalization to all owned digital channels to create a consistent, individualized experience for every customer
    • Predicting average order value for individual customers and offering personalized discounts
    • Advancing their approach to segmentation to include behavioral data, product interest data and predictive analytics
    • Testing post-purchase email and mobile communication streams to drive add-on purchases

    Increase Revenue from Email

    While email is the most profitable digital marketing channel, there is much more that retailers can do to increase revenue from retained customers—as well as to acquire and activate new customers. In a recent Forrester Research review of 70 email marketing campaigns, 94% failed to pass basic performance criteria.

    Retailers working with Sailthru outperform their competitors through:

    • Personalizing welcome email streams to share popular, high-margin products that increase speed to purchase
    • Multi-touch cart abandonment messages showcasing personalized product recommendations to increase recapture rates
    • Email newsletters leveraging personalized content, cadence, and send time of email to activate browsers into buyers and win back lapsed customers
    • Personalizing product recommendations that leverage customer data from all channels through which individuals engage, including email, web, mobile, social and in-store
    • Segmenting customers based on interests, previous behaviors, and predicted behaviors

    Reduce Customer Churn

    Retail businesses fail when potential buyers churn more often than they purchase, or before they ever purchase at all. With the right mix of proactive strategies, marketers can predict, preempt and prevent customer attrition.

    With Sailthru, retailers reduce churn by:

    • Personalizing email marketing, website experiences, mobile messaging and in-app content to ensure a highly relevant experience
    • Identifying individuals likely to opt-out through predictive analytics and automatically suppressing these customers from communications
    • Segmenting customers based on behaviors and interests to optimize the experience at all points in the customer lifecycle
    • Re-engaging lapsed shoppers through tested promotional and discount strategies

    Benefits for Marketers with Mobile Apps

    Mobile is one of the fastest growing marketing channels. While many brands succeed at creating well-designed mobile apps, brands struggle both with building an audience for their app and monetizing app engagement for long-term revenue growth.

    Our customers include Fortune 500 and other global retail, media, finance, travel and consumer packaged goods companies including CNN, Air New Zealand, KFC, Oreo, ampm, and Penguin Random House to engage more mobile customers and grow mobile revenue.

    Increase Revenue and Customer Lifetime Value

    According to ComScore, mobile has officially outpaced the number of global desktop consumers. And while many brands have built apps to meet the demand of consumers, mobile app monetization outside of ads is still a significant challenge for many marketers.

    Sailthru increases mobile revenue and lifetime value by:

    • Deploying automated mobile messaging streams, in-app messages and push notifications based on real-time triggered events
    • Personalizing the content, offers, cadence and creative of app messages to drive long-term engagement
    • Delivering complex mobile marketing messaging campaigns in minutes with an easy-to-use, marketer-friendly UX

    Retain Mobile Audiences

    Building an app and acquiring downloads is one thing -- keeping mobile app users coming back is another. 67% of new app users delete or don’t open apps one week after download.

    Keep your mobile app audience coming back through:

    • Personalizing and segmenting rich app messages at every point in the customer journey
    • Deploying onboarding streams on your mobile app to newly acquired app users
    • Identifying app users likely to disengage through predictive analytics and suppressing these individuals from push messages
    • Tailoring re-engagement mobile campaigns based on an individual’s cross-channel data set

    Increase Mobile Engagement

    Mobile smartphones and tablets are quickly taking over traditional desktop and laptop computers as a consumer’s primary device. There are officially more mobile devices than people in the world -- and they are everywhere your consumers go.

    Reach and engage more of your mobile audience anywhere with:

  • Rich push notifications personalized based on behavior, interests, location and more
  • Customizable native message streams to deliver video, images and links
  • In-app notifications that are fully automated based on specific triggers
  • Deliver a Connected Mobile Experience

    Connecting email, web, in-store and mobile marketing data is easy with Sailthru. Our customers have access to a robust single customer view for every individual to power effective, personalized engagement at every point of the customer lifecycle.

    Better consumer experiences start with Sailthru:

    • Integrate mobile app data to the full profile of individuals’ web, in-store and email data--with no extra work
    • Access at-a-glance consumer behavior across each digital channel for the most effective segmentation on mobile
    • Personalize email, web and mobile messages based on the interests and history of every consumer across all channels
    • Consolidate the amount of vendors and data disparity in your marketing stack with a unified solution including mobile