This summer, Wayfair opened its first full-service store in Massachusetts, as well as four pop-up locations across the country. Brand reps say it will be a fully “seamless, connected experience” with each shopper’s established digital profile and app preferences leveraged in-store, with additional real-life support through home design experts that will offer complementary style advice. That support extends online, too, offering some shoppers white glove, personalized service with a dedicated team member. Wayfair, which carries ‘zillions’ of items, provides a seamless shopping experience on every channel through intelligent cross-category product recommendations, idea boards and augmented reality tools on the app.

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Dynamic email recommendations

Wayfair strives to personalize each shopper’s experience with a dynamic product recommendation engine on email that contains MyWay information. It’s designed to make shopping easier for Wayfair loyalists with free shipping, 25% off in-home services, and exclusive perks — all for less than $30 per year. ‘Frequently bought together’ and ‘visually similar’ product recommendations line a shopper’s inbox, where they can install their top picks on the visual AR tool to live inside their virtual redesign.
Dynamic email recommendations

AR-enhanced mobile app

Contemporary, antique, traditional: Wayfair sells furniture in nearly every style and shoppers can use its app’s augmented reality tool to try them all together in their room for an eclectic virtual styling. Shoppers can also browse daily new, limited-time offers on the app, encouraging Wayfair loyalists to interact with the brand every day for discounts, savings and great curated deals.
AR-enhanced mobile app

Versatile shopping options

While Wayfair is a digital-first retailer, the site offers many unique real-life services, such as the ability to submit a quote for a custom piece based on your preferences. Who needs Pinterest when customers can save and share their favorite furniture and décor items on Wayfair Idea Boards, where other shoppers can save, comment and heart your Room Ideas.
Versatile shopping options

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