Effective and optimized marketing strategies rely on a two-pronged data approach: the analysis of long-term data, and efficient use of real-time information. We recently gave you the ultimate tool kit for the big picture with our Advanced Analytics platform, and now are pleased to introduce the brand new Realtime Dashboard.

What is Realtime Dashboard?

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Realtime Dashboard is a new feature built directly into the Sailthru user interface that dynamically displays real-time pageview activity for media brands, and revenue, order and product activity for commerce brands. Marked by the hour, but updating by the second, view your online consumer activity in true real-time…because why should you ever wait to understand how people are interacting with your brand?

The power of real-time insights

Real-time insights help you readily identify and react to trends happening on your website, in your email campaigns and with generated revenue, on an at-the-moment basis. Having on-demand access to this data not only helps you become more intelligent about your marketing, but also allows you to immediately and proactively effectuate changes. Here are some examples for actioning this data:

  • • If a given product is seeing a lot of conversion via email, push it to Facebook or Twitter with a special promotion to drive more sales.

  • • If your front page headline is not performing like you predicted, and you see another article is garnering heavy traffic, move that article to the forefront of promotion.

  • • Compare any given day of the week against the same day of the prior week to see when pageview activity is the highest, and run product promotions or publish your best content around those timeframes.

Especially useful for roles like editors, merchandisers and social media managers, Realtime Dashboard is a cross functional data source that enables you to capitalize on what your audience is consuming, right as it happens, at a glance.

Interested in getting hooked up with the Realtime Dashboard and the rest of the Sailthru suite? Contact us and let’s chat.