The Marigold Engage by Sailthru product suite is all about class-leading personalization at scale and making it easy to implement. From our AI-driven product recommendations to flexible data reporting, everything ultimately enables our clients to build an emotional connection with their customers, and increase loyalty, engagement and revenue.

How are we doing that? Every quarter, our Senior Director of Product Management David Studinski hosts a webinar outlining the most recent Sailthru product enhancements. In case you missed it…

Sailthru Product Updates Overview

  • Google Product Feed Sync: Google’s ad-tech is the content gold standard and its product feed can now be ingested directly into Sailthru. Because the Google product feed automatically populates your product database, it improves efficiency. Now, you can maintain one feed as it sharpens our personalization recommendations with the most up-to-date inventory.
  • Template Idea Gallery: We are constantly improving Email Composer, a star of the Sailthru product suite. Last quarter, we introduced some creative inspiration with more than 150 professionally-designed templates in our Idea Gallery. Tested against multiple ISPs and operating systems, these templates are customizable. Users have a one-click import where they can quickly replace images and text with their own content and products. What’s more, once downloaded, you can see the HTML behind their creation and pick up tips.
  • Copy Templates Between Accounts: You can now copy templates across accounts, helping your team collaborate more efficiently. You can copy from the developer to production accounts or from a parent to child account, for example.
  • Preview Mobile Push and In-App Across Devices: Mobile apps account for 90% of consumers’ smartphone usage, which makes strong mobile messaging crucial. This update to our Mobile Manager allows you to preview your messages across devices, no matter the style, platform, or operating system.
  • You Choose Campaign Seeds: Select customers have the ability to go beyond Autoseeding capabilities with Selective Seeding. You can now take full control over your email seeding capabilities, allowing for specific campaigns to be chosen. Not interested? No problem. Marigold Engage by Sailthru still offers Autoseeding to randomize and ensure strong deliverability.

If you’re already a customer and want to learn more about any of these features, please contact your Customer Success Manager. If you haven’t worked with Marigold Engage by Sailthru before, click here for a demo.