According to a study from Forrester’s dedicated omnichannel team of analysts, 94% of marketers report that they still struggle with the technology and infrastructure needed to deploy an omnichannel marketing strategy. Let that sink for a moment: 94%.

That means that 94% of marketers, and possibly up to 94% of brands, are not marketing to consumers in a way that truly meets consumer needs and demands. We all know that the way consumers engage has changed. Think about how you interact with brands and how that’s different than just 5 years ago – you’re shifting from device to device; from channel to channel; from source to source. All without pause. All without thinking twice about it. But most brands can’t meet your demands for a connected, consistent experience.

As an omnichannel technology provider, we understand why it’s difficult for brands to invest in creating a seamless customer experience on a 1:1 level because we hear about the challenges from our prospects day after day. Access to data from legacy email providers is costly and time consuming. Building a single customer view from legacy technology providers is the same. Doing any of this in real-time is impossible.

At the upcoming inaugural Sailthru Lift customer conference, our Chief Data Scientist, Jeremy Stanley, is hosting a roundtable “Removing Omnichannel Barriers” to talk through these challenges. Brands can’t be waiting around anymore, the time is NOW to adopt a true omnichannel vision, and we’re here to show our clients and prospects that, omnichannel is possible for any brand to take on.

Sailthru itself was purpose-built for omnichannel. Our clients often start with using data from multiple channels to dynamically personalize email and then based on the results we deliver (i.e. 73% increase in email revenue, 36% increase in revenue from cart abandonment and recovery strategies), they move on to connecting and personalizing the onsite experience, mobile experience and all other brand experiences. That being said, the right technology is still only one piece of the puzzle.

During the roundtable, we will collaboratively answer questions like the following:

  • How is omnichannel different than multi-channel marketing or cross-channel marketing?

  • What omnichannel-related projects should you be prioritizing?

  • What are the barriers you face from a data perspective? From a culture perspective?

  • How are you measuring omnichannel success?

  • What’s next for omnichannel?

For more information on Marigold Engage by Sailthru Lift or this roundtable, please visit the Lift website or talk to your Account Manager.