Following a walk down memory lane with Tiffany & Co., an election campaign from REVOLVE, and a “spell yeah!” from rue21, our November edition of our Email of the Month series is a Cyber Monday message from EC Scott.

The first thing about this EC Scott email that caught my eye was the subject line: “It’s An Add to Cart Kind of Day!” Let’s be honest: Isn’t it always an add to cart kind of day? But especially on Cyber Monday, which was officially the biggest ecommerce day in U.S. history.

According to a survey of Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s retail customers, about one-third of their holiday season sales typically come from new shoppers. EC Scott seemingly created this email, which is both digestible and highly visual, with those people in mind. Each item includes a picture, the regular and sale price for comparison, and just a few words of copy. Rather than focus on the brand’s loyal customer base, notice how EC Scott uses language likely to appeal to gift-givers: “perfect to split up into stockings,” “beloved and iconic scent,” “best sellers.”

At the same time, EC Scott understands that most of us have ourselves on our holiday shopping lists. The beauty brand strikes a nice balance between marketing to customers looking for gifts for other people and themselves. Headlines like “Customize your ultimate holiday looks” and “Award-winning ultimate self-care experience” are a bit more oriented around self-gifters.

The shipping calendar in the footer is what truly made this the “Email of the Month” for me. The pandemic has more people shopping online, resulting in enough potential shipping delays that even Amazon is encouraging customers to pick up their packages from brick-and-mortar stores. Shipping cut offs are a staple of retail emails this holiday season and I haven’t seen any as thorough. Shipping speed varies by location and EC Scott breaks it down by region with a color-coded map of the U.S. Because the beauty brand’s fulfillment partner is located in New Jersey, shoppers in the northeast get a few extra days to select their stocking stuffers.