Our Horizon features are really cool, and they’re part of what makes Sailthru unique. You can dynamically learn about individual users’ interests, and personalize every aspect of their emails. Some of our customers (most recently Flavorpill) are using this technology to revolutionize the email newsletter. If you’re reading this, you probably should, too. Up until now, we’ve always done Horizon tracking by throwing a bit of Javascript on your site, which collects clickstream data. It’s pretty easy to set up. But we’ve added an even easier way to start collecting interest data if you don’t want to do the full setup. Just add a special query string parameter to the links in your email:


You can tag each link in your email with the topics that that particular link pertains to. For example, if you have a link about an art gallery opening in New York, your link URL could look like:


The query parameter is detected by our rewriting engine and gets removed from the final URL, so it won’t ever appear to the end user. It’s just an easy way that you can tell Marigold Engage by Sailthru, “Someone who clicks this link is probably interested in X, Y, and Z.” Start collecting that data, and you can start to really personalize your emails. For more about Horizon, see our documentation!