If we’ve learned anything over the course of 2020, it’s that you can’t take family for granted. Making Mother’s Day an even more important holiday this year.

In the US alone, more than $26 billion will be spent on flowers, jewelry, and other thoughtful gifts to show mom just how much she’s appreciated. But 122 million phone calls aren’t the only personal interactions you can expect.

Retail’s most creative email marketers have been promoting and personalizing Mother’s Day deals for weeks. So, here are four of our favorite Mother’s Day emails that we love almost as much as mom.

Give Your Customers a Real Connection

It’s important that your email messages prioritize deep, meaningful connections with every customer. The companies that show they care by putting the thoughts and emotions of people first are the ones that will see customers stick around long-term.

Which is why this short, sweet, and thoughtful opt-in message sent by Uncommon Goods caught our attention and moved to the top of our Mother’s Day email favorites list.

favorite Mother's Day emails

Today, retailers are being more thoughtful about how they communicate with customers. Because whether you’re trying to eliminate opt-out opportunities or increase inclusivity across your audience, a little empathy goes a long way. By being transparent and speaking on a human-to-human level, you inspire personal customer connections that go beyond traditional brand loyalty.

Nothing Beats Holidays and Home Cooking

For many people, the best part of any holiday is spending time around a dinner table talking food and swapping recipes with the family. But in 2021, not everyone has this opportunity. So, Food52 is using its Mother’s Day emails to bridge the gap and keep moms everywhere smiling.

favorite Mother's Day emails

Beyond personalized offers and product recommendations, Food52 gives recipients recipes, care package suggestions, and more to turn this day into a full-blown family event. Whether the recipient ultimately makes a purchase or not, it’s an unforgettable interaction that’s likely to keep someone engaged and coming back for more.

favorite Mother's Day emails

Personalization Never Looked so Good

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Whether you’re talking fashion or advanced email personalization. For Fashion Nova, this Mother’s Day email is an opportunity to showcase the best of both worlds. 

It’s one of our 2021 faves because each send is stuffed with personalization. Each recipient’s name is strategically placed in the subject line and throughout customized promotions and reminders like the one featured below.

favorite Mother's Day emails

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Because Fashion Nova’s Mother’s Day email also takes a unique approach to personalized product recommendations. Rather than simply providing them like any other retailer, the brand adds value to this experience by combining each suggestion with customer reviews to give shoppers all the info they need to make an informed decision.

favorite Mother's Day emails

A Gift for Every Kind of Mom

Mom is not a one-size-fits-all label. So, why talk to all of them the same way? Goop’s Mother’s Day emails are an impressive example of what happens when a brand thinks outside the box to reach non-traditional audiences.

favorite Mother's Day emails

favorite Mother's Day emails

Whether someone’s shopping for grandma, a mother-in-law, or just a caregiver that’s assumed the mom role, Goop’s Mother’s Day email offers something unique and valuable to everyone. And — much like making our list of favorite Mother’s Day emails — that’s no easy feat.