2022 has been another year for the books – especially for cross-channel marketers.

Marketing trends continue to keep us on our toes, ensuring we evolve our strategies to stand out and connect with our audience.

This year has seen a focus on nurturing customer relationships, by establishing trust, creating lasting impressions and providing value, all in the pursuit of connection. And here at Marigold Engage by Sailthru, connecting with our customers is how we measure success – so this trend, for us, is one that will go well into 2023 and beyond.     

Before we close out on a fruitful 2022, let’s take a moment to look back and recognize the achievements from the past year, from how our customers have connected with their audiences to the products we’ve released to make this possible.


Together, we made an impression  

  • This year, Marigold Engage by Sailthru customers used our platform to send over 115 billion emails opened in 200 countries and territories – on all 7 continents. That’s some serious reach!
  • And, you designed and built over 225,000 new email templates to ensure each email you sent stood out in the inbox and truly represented your brand.  


You embraced technology to achieve peak campaign performance    

  • You dynamically A/B tested 110,353 email campaigns to drive that all important engagement and conversion.
  • And created 15,325 automation flows using our Lifecycle Optimizer tool, that reached nearly 13 billion subscribers (12,814,731,369 to be precise). Think of all that time saved!


Cross-channel touch points worked harder and smarter

  • You understand the power of all of your marketing assets, creating 4,734 Overlays to power site conversion and customer acquisition.
  • And, you sent over 21 billion in-app messages and mobile push notifications, meeting your customers where they are.


We introduced new technology to help your customer journey stand out   

2022 marked an epic year in Marigold Engage by Sailthru product enhancements. We released 40 new features, designed to enhance your personalization capabilities, make sending campaigns and tracking performance more efficient, and enable a more seamless brand and cross-channel experience. And, arguably, most importantly, allowed you to future-proof your CRM and personalization strategies like never before.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

We launched
Marigold Grow

Solving the dilemma between delivering consumers personalized experiences while adhering to evolving data and privacy controls, we launched Marigold Grow. Experiences allow you to collect zero- and first-party data and permissions with value-driven campaigns to grow your subscriber base, gain access to individual customer insights, and enhance cross-channel personalization capabilities.

…and a native SMS solution

We know how critical it is to connect and communicate with audiences through multiple channels, so we launched our Sailthru native SMS solution. You can now create more authentic, personal connections all within one platform, with no third-party setup.


Lifecycle Optimizer

Contextual Purchase Data 

We made contextual purchase data available within your purchase-data flows, simplifying this process.

Scheduling Options 

Schedule flows to start in the future and automate complex retargeting across channels. 

Content Triggers 

Create flows to trigger when content is updated, to easily send Back in Stock or Price Drop campaigns. 


Audience Builder

Additional Profile Reach Count Information

See your audience counts, by channel, as you build your profiles.

Custom Event Filter

Use the custom events important to your business to further define and segment your audience.

User Profile Importer

We’ve made uploading profiles easier than ever! 



Email Composer Enhancements

Save time when building and formatting your emails.

Campaign Scheduling

Reach your customers at the most convenient time for them.

Custom Fonts 

Stay on brand by uploading your own fonts.

Check out all our product enhancements from 2022, here:
What’s New in Marigold Engage by Sailthru

Our crew had your back every step of the way

When you needed support, you loved speaking to a real person, with real technical expertise – and we know this because 97% of you were satisfied with how our team resolved your requests. We’re proud that we were able to respond to most of your support needs in less than an hour.


We came together as a community, and look forward to doing more of this in 2023 

We love being your partner in growth and development, creating content and hosting events to support you in product best practice usage and help you navigate marketing industry shifts and trends. We look forward to bringing you even more content and connecting as a community through events in 2023, but for now let’s check out some highlights from 2022.

  • Signals22: our virtual relationship marketing event, hosted by Marigold, brought you 30 presentations over 4 days mapped to the 4 stages of relationship marketing – Acquire, Engage, Personalize and Retain. Watch the sessions on-demand.
  • We showed you how to create more authentic, personal connections with your customers with our special SMS launch event and shared our top Marigold Grow for media and retail, chosen for their effectiveness in achieving your key business objectives.


And together, we sailed to new heights 

It’s because of our partnership with you that we received industry recognition. Here are a couple of awards we’re proud of.

Marigold was selected as one of the hottest marketing tech companies of 2022 by Business Insider and “Best Overall MarTech Company” for the third consecutive year by MarTech Breakthrough Awards.


But it wouldn’t have been possible without you

Every year, we can’t imagine being more inspired than we already are by the marketers who creatively use Sailthru to connect with their customers. But here we are, wrapping up 2022, feeling even more inspired than ever. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings – and we look forward to being a part of your journey as we sail into 2023.