2014 was another year marked by huge acquisitions of marketing technologies. As 2015 is now just days away, many marketers are wondering what’s next for the industry. Most important, they need to know how those coming changes will impact their ability to engage with their customers.

The concern makes sense. On one hand, you have the marketing cloud, a newly coined term without much definition around what it means and how it really works. On the other hand, you have many new players in the market and you need to determine which next-generation technologies will continue growing strongly.

Our team of technologists, marketers and strategists banded together with clients and analysts to look into what is to come in the next 12 months for the mar-tech industry. In this blog series (based on the Sailthru ebook), we will cover 10 industry predictions throughout the next few weeks on everything from consumer demands for equal exchange of data to marketers and analysts alike calling for consolidated solutions rather than marketing clouds. 

Stay tuned for our predictions, and download the complementary ebook now

 — Neil Capel, CEO & Founder of Sailthru