The Growing Popularity of Click and Collect Fulfillment

By mloudenliveclicker-com | September 23, 2021
click and collect fulfillment

It’s no surprise that click and collect — a.k.a. Buy Online, Pickup In Store (BOPIS) — fulfillment saw a spike in popularity as shoppers avoided crowds throughout the pandemic. In fact, shoppers in the US spent more than $72 billion on click and collect orders last year — accounting for over nine percent of all ecommerce sales in 2020.

And it’s highly likely that those numbers aren’t going down anytime soon, even as your doors reopen and shoppers are ready to venture into your stores again. After a year of experiencing the simplicity and convenience of consumer-friendly options like curbside pickup and BOPIS, it’s no surprise that experts expect 2020’s revenue figure to grow nearly 10% — to over $83 billion — by the end of this year.

So, what should every business know about click and collect fulfillment?

Well, first of all, not all BOPIS shoppers are the same — they range from beginners to experts on the customer experience scale. Marketers hoping to use click and collect as a feature that adds value to their brand should understand exactly where and how to reach each type of BOPIS shopper throughout their journey to ensure that the process is seamless

To do so, simply follow these three tips to fulfill your goals — and deliver your loyal buyers the hybrid fulfillment experience they deserve. 

Tip #1: Understanding click and collect fulfillment and your BOPIS customers

While more consumers are trying BOPIS and click and collect than ever before, not all of your customers have the same levels of experience with the online ordering to in-store pickup process. The most effective marketing strategies offer plenty of ways for shoppers to learn more about these new fulfillment methods by targeting different types of customers at different points in their journey. After all, it’s important to make sure both new customers and loyalists alike know exactly which options are available.

The New Shopper: This customer is likely interacting with your brand for the very first time, so it’s important you don’t overwhelm them or scare them away by sharing too much info right away. Distinguish all of your fulfillment options and display them clearly; your first impressions shouldn’t share every last detail.

The BIPOS Beginner: This customer might be familiar with your brand, but is likely unfamiliar with the BOPIS options you offer. Ensure these shoppers are just as acquainted with your brand’s pickup solutions as they are with your brand’s products by offering BOPIS, click and collect, or curbside pickup options as they browse products, add items to their cart, and make purchases. 

The Pickup Pro: These customers may or may not be familiar with your brand, but they’re no strangers to BOPIS. Make it easy for those already acquainted with the process by facilitating a frictionless customer experience. Personalized post-purchase messaging around items they may need to buy again, such as paper products or pet supplies, is an excellent way to stay top-of-mind for these convenience-focused shoppers. 

The Loyal Customer: These customers are most likely to be interested in hybrid experiences, as they love your brand, but may have just begun to experiment with BOPIS shopping. Since these customers are likely already receiving myriad messages from your brand, make sure your marketing includes not only mention of BOPIS options in emails, but also push notification and on your app — complete with detailed information around which options might be right for them. 

Tip #2: Make your message clear

No matter which type of customer you’re hoping to target, the message that there are multiple ways to collect an order should be crystal clear every step of the way, from discovery to purchase and beyond. Consider including a link to your BOPIS option at every single touchpoint customers have, from welcome emails to wingback messaging, abandoned cart emails, and especially sale promos.

Messaging around click and collect fulfillment and BOPIS options should be front-and-center in your customer experience, within apps, and on your website(s) as well. For example, Target’s mobile app offers options for same or two-day delivery in addition to BOPIS or curbside pickup right in their search results — making these options a selling point to customers who are perhaps just browsing.

click and collect fulfillment

And for customers who are interested, Target provides clear, precise instructions for each of their options. Which not only assists any customer who might be unfamiliar with this process, but also acts as a guide for the pickup pros — those customers who already love BOPIS and simply need to know where to park. Laying out these options numerous times throughout your customer experience is the best way to make sure each type of BOPIS customer can easily choose their preferred purchase path.

Tip #3: Anticipate future orders

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t create click and collect shoppers; it created an audience of click and collect enthusiasts. In fact, 69% of consumers plan to use BOPIS and curbside pickup just as much post-pandemic as they did during quarantine. And as shoppers become increasingly accustomed to the ease and convenience of BOPIS, retailers have an opportunity to test new shopping experiences that complement these behaviors.

So, make sure that follow-up messaging for abandoned carts, loyalty offers, and even purchase history-based recommendations all include explicit click and collect option callouts to remind every shopper that your buying experience has never been easier.  It’s the best way to turn today’s stay-at-home trend into loyal, long-term customers.

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