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In 2017, Vitamin Shoppe stepped up its personalization game to automate its messaging around a customer’s browse and shopping history. Using relevant collaborative-based product suggestions at first, the brand has since enacted a warm onboarding quiz to help consumers shop by category, brand and industry with advanced filtering options and curated product recommendations. Its digital channels effortlessly work to drive consumers to more than 700 Vitamin Shoppe locations, with the app promoting in-store events, easy directions and relevant coupons to keep brick-and-mortar an important aspect of the retailer’s strategy.

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The VShoppe App

The VShoppe app makes it simple to track Healthy Awards points and redeem coupons, as well as to manage auto delivery subscriptions. App-exclusive deals keep customers checking in regularly, while the digital profile characteristic of each consumer acts as the glue that would otherwise seem like an incohesive collage of supplements and cross-category products.
The VShoppe App

Email personalization

Vitamin Shoppe personalizes abandoned cart emails with subject line personalization and hyper-relevant product recommendations that match each customer’s unique user profile and goals. For example, the recommendations contain only men's products if you set your gender and its intelligent AI lists the products that a customer abandoned in his or her cart in the subject line, using a first-name basis for retargeting. The brand’s abandoned cart emails are unique with personalized copy, full of on-brand voice and every detail is personalized with recommendations that improve over time with customer engagement.
Email personalization

Robust recommendations

Shop by category, brand or interest with advanced filters and The Vitamin Shoppe’s robust search engine will provide the right item based on what’s trending with spot on attribute-based product suggestions. Recommendations don’t stop on the homepage, they follow the customer to their inbox where the right products — based on the user’s profile — and on-brand copy ultimately nudge customers a bit further on their path to purchase.
Robust recommendations

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