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In August 2020, Vitamin Shoppe partnered with Instacart to provide nationwide, same-day deliveries from more than 720 retail stores directly to customers’ homes. But that’s far from the first time it put the customer first. Vitamin Shoppe just recently launched a strategic partnership with global wellness brand, WW International, to support those on their health and wellness journeys. Within the last two years, new executives have been brought on board, and with another top 25 finish in the Index this growth is a sign of the continuous innovation and top-tier personalization to come.

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Vitamin Shoppe

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Vitamin Shoppe

Why we love Vitamin Shoppe

Eye-catching email subject lines

Email communications from Vitamin Shoppe are not just simple monthly updates about sales and events happening in-store and online. They’re personalized updates with customers’ names in the subject line and references to preferred product categories from their user profiles, like “Your heart is a big deal” and “Sam! Start strong with 20% off.”

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Interest-based recommendations

A free membership through the Vitamin Shoppe website allows customers to include allergies, dietary preferences, and favorite product categories in their user profile to better tailor product recommendations and messaging. The brand then uses this information to personalize email outreach and on-site recommendations for the specific things someone is looking for.

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Synced mobile app profile

The VShoppe app gives customers the same great user experience they would find on-site, but makes it even more easily accessible. Right on the app’s homepage, customers can see highlights from their profile such as their Healthy Awards member points and what their next reward looks like. There’s also an option to easily reorder previously purchased items, find their closest store location, and scan barcodes to connect a purchase to their mobile profile.

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