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Savage X Fenty

Sailthru Client

Savage X Fenty is the collaborative brand creation from Rihanna and TechStyle Fashion Group. The brand combines a strong, inclusive identity with a completely personalized customer experience that keeps millions of fans adoring and awaiting the next collection.


The brand features some of the same great experiences offered by its top 25 sister brands Fabletics, JustFab, and ShoeDazzle. Savage X Fenty gives its shoppers a personalized digital experience to make shopping for lingerie and other personal items comfortable. The brand recommends products curated to customer interests from day 1 and only gets more advanced and accurate over time.


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Savage X Fenty

Why we love Savage X Fenty

Onboarding style quiz

Like its sister brands, Savage X Fenty uses the simple brilliance of asking shoppers what they like rather than trying to guess. Almost every first engagement with the brand leads customers to its intuitive style quiz so individual shoppers’s fashion interests can be better understood. The quiz covers design interests, color preferences, sizes, and lifestyle interests to offer better personalized recommendations across every channel.


Everyday influencers

The #SavageXFenty tag turns shoppers into major brand influencers with its community approach. Customers can showcase their individual styles and favorite brand products. And shoppers who use the hashtag on their socials have the chance to be reposted all over the brand’s Instagram, site, and email communications. This influencer-driven initiative shows that you don’t have to be a model to pull off the outfits. it’s all about individuality, just like the brand’s marketing.

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Exclusive VIP offers

The brand’s Xtra VIP subscription membership allows customers to gain access to member-only deals and rewards such as up to 25% off most items, exclusive lingerie sets, free returns, and sign-up discounts. Membership status awards shoppers with early access to the newest releases as well, so they can always keep up and stay engaged with the latest Savage styles through a specially created VIP box by Rihanna or one of her friends.


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