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Top-notch customer service has long been a staple of luxury department store Saks, which recently remodeled its flagship store in New York City. Handbags are the centerpiece of the first floor and Saks will employ 50 style advisors tasked with tending that section, curating and choosing items for individual shoppers. But Saks isn’t just investing in brick-and-mortar, as evidenced by the brand’s meteoric rise from “didn’t make the cut” to top 25 in the Retail Personalization Index. Saks’ ecommerce experience is highly customized, starting with an onboarding quiz to give ‘My Style Advisor’ a starting point for personalized recommendations. Feel like going it alone? The brand’s website has very granular filtering, making it easy to sort through Saks’ seemingly endless selection of products.

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Why we love Saks Fifth Avenue

My Style Advisor

Saks onboards new shoppers with a quiz to pinpoint style, silhouette and color preference then connects them with ‘My Style Advisor’ who gets to know their style and recommends personalized advice. Rather than rely on customer submitted reviews, shoppers can head straight to the experts for curated items to find the perfect fit.
My Style Advisor

Onsite customization and personalization

The Saks website was made to for mega specific filtering, simplifying its enormous inventory and sorting it for each individual user. The homepage offers inspiration from daily trending queries and allows customers to set favorite products and designers for custom alerts and shareability with ‘collections’ – handpicked favorites that shoppers can share with their digital networks.
Onsite customization and personalization

Mobile app with digital shopper

Saks helps to break down its enormous product offering on its app with an easy-to-use dashboard for trending searches and recently viewed items. Customers love it too — the 4.9-star rated app features a robust product search engine with digital shopper capabilities to score customers the perfect item.
Mobile app with digital shopper

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