Nike held strong on the Index this year as other brands catch up to its intelligent omnichannel approach. Most notable is Nike’s best-in-class mobile app, which received a perfect score on the Index, and unlocks perk after perk for loyalists – like ‘member Fridays’ at Sweetgreen, a special ‘member shop’ with exclusive new product releases and Nike experts on demand to help customers style or recommend the best curated shoe for their sport. The app thoroughly onboards new users and provides a unique ‘following’ tab for each customer’s favorite sports, products, teams and athletes, as well as news on Nike events that currently take place in 12 cities. What sets Nike apart is its all-in approach (and personalization) of each shopper profile; runners and skateboarders aren’t given the same shoe or email recommendations. Nike listens first and then builds its intelligent technology to engineer everything from the optimal shoe for your lifestyle to the customized messaging that sets you, and your sport, apart from everyone else.

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2018: #12 , 2017: #54
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2019 score: 60


Why we love Nike

Top tier mobile app and messaging

Nike was one of the first brands to make it on the app store and its 4.9-rated app remains a favorite among sports fans and sneakerheads alike. Nike’s in-app message center offers a robust array of curated product recommendations, personalized discounts, order confirmations and new releases that Nike knows you’ll love based on your brand engagement.
Top tier mobile app and messaging

Extensive onboarding

Nike knows how to onboard its shoppers to make the most of customer data and sport-relevant aggregation. Customers input their height and weight, among their favorite workout routines and sport categories for new releases, featured items, and best sellers on the homepage that are curated for their user profile.
Extensive onboarding

Product recommendations

Nike is an expert at cross-category recommendations and the brand leverages customer data with an intelligent recommendation engine to send well-timed emails with ‘you may also like’ recommendations. If customers require more professional input they can book a Nike expert on demand or visit one of 1,100+ brand stores worldwide.
Product recommendations

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