Discounting in the Digital Age [Infographic]

hands of a young woman using mobile phone in modern shopping mall.

Every marketer knows that discounts work. But we often ask marketers, do you discount because you want to, or the need to immediately drive numbers forward? (Hint: It’s often the latter.)

While discounts are extraordinary at driving short-term gains, they can wreak havoc on your bottom line, and train every customer never to buy at full price. That’s not to say brands shouldn’t discount at all — sophisticated marketers are now focused on deploying discounts strategically vs. treating them as one-off conversion machines.

That’s why we’ve pulled together an easy to follow infographic based on our Ultimate Discount Strategy Guide.

Check it out below to learn:

• Why testing is so important for discounting strategies

• How to use personalization in discounting

• Examples of powerful discount tests to run

Click the image for high-resolution viewing!

Sailthru_Discounting in the Digital Age

Jason Grunberg, Director of Content at Sailthru