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Discover how Sailthru can address your marketing challenges and transform your business:

What is
Smart Data™?

First of its kind, Sailthru Smart Data™ technology enables businesses to:


every customer's experience on a case-by-case level with data & analytics


the process of what gets put in front of each customer


a holistic experience on a truly one-to-one level

The best part? It's all automatic and in real time


"When you have access to the type of data Sailthru provides, you can make better business decisions and focus your resources on strategies you know will have the biggest impact. And with the integrated messaging capabilities, you can actually act on the data within minutes."

Ben McKean, Founder & CEO, Savored

“When compared to other vendors, Sailthru really stood out because they had the Smart Data component. I think a lot of times people waste time trying to figure out exactly who their customer is. With Sailthru it only takes a few minutes to figure out who your customer is, what they’re interested in, where they’re living and what they’re clicking on.”

Kristin Fernholz, Digital Strategist, Alex and Ani

“For us it was really important to dynamically order and send our deals to each customer differently. Before we used Sailthru, we were actually doing all of the dynamic ordering variations on our own, so working with Sailthru made personalizing that much simpler. Every business should recognize that no two customers are the same, and Sailthru makes it very easy to customize content based on the individual client’s interests.”

Dana Reichman, Chief Operating Officer, Lifebooker

"We initially doubted that a behavior-based approach could beat human curation — and we were very wrong. Now, Business Insider uses all of Sailthru's solutions, from email to ad targeting to onsite recommendations. We've seen a sustained click rate double that of traditional emails and a substantial increase in subscriptions due to user satisfaction."

Julie Hansen, President & COO, Business Insider

"I've worked with virtually every email service provider out there, and can easily say that Sailthru has been the best in class from start to finish. At the Muse we transitioned from MailChimp to Sailthru and it was like walking outside for the first time and discovering the Sun. The unique insights and intelligence Sailthru provides has helped us create a 360° view of each individual customer, and has drastically improved the way we are able to communicate relevant, meaningful content. To top it off, their incredible client care is just as impressive as their technology. For those who have yet to discover Sailthru: time to catch up or risk losing your customers."

Elliott Bell, Director of Marketing, The Muse

"Sailthru's personalization solutions now offers every one of our more than 1 million monthly readers a fully customized publication, and represents a significant step in Flavorpill's evolution towards a dynamic, multi-channel arts and culture guide."

Mark Mangan, Co-Founder, Flavorpill