How Personalization Won Mindbodygreen a 77% Lift in Pageviews

Mindbodygreen is a lifestyle media brand devoted to helping its site visitors live a happier, healthier life. Of course, everyone wrestles with their own unique obstacles to a better lifestyle. So mindbodygreen began personalizing its email communications to reflect each person’s interests. Each email, rather than being sent to a segment of customers, was tailored […]

New York Times Scores With Game of Thrones Fans; BuzzFeed Tip-Toes Into Ecommerce

Media brands are finding readers, revenue, and popularity in unexpected places. This week we’ll see how The New York Times is capitalizing on Game of Thrones, and how BuzzFeed is making hay out of overhead food videos, those high-speed culinary demonstrations that make any recipe look easy. Then we’ll see how Hearst is using Best […]

The Data Science Dilemma: Should Marketers Build, Buy, or Both?

Data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms have become the business buzzwords du jour. And with good reason. Organizations adopting data science-driven automation see up to 10x improvement in business process speed, 72 percent reduction in customer churn, and 40 percent reduction in new customer acquisition costs. It’s the so-called sexiest field of the […]

Experience is Everything: Q&A with Digital Expert Chad Ghastin

Chad Ghastin has worked for companies as varied as The New York Times, MasterCard, and Nickelodeon, implementing and optimizing their audience development and lifecycle experience strategies. He’s also helped influence a generation of upcoming digital leaders through his graduate-level course in CRM and customer experience management, which he taught at New York University. Now, as […]

Prime Day Brings In $1 Billion; NBCNews Cultivates Loyalty Over Virality

Now that the dust has settled on the most recent Prime Day, we know that the event once again produced record sales and significantly increased Prime memberships. And Amazon’s heavy use of email to promote the event underscores recent news from the Direct Marketing Association that email’s return on investment continues to top all other […] by Sailthru Product Update: New Message Compose

With mobile dominating as the device of choice for the majority of consumers, it’s never been more important for mobile marketers to capture and engage the attention of their audiences through apps. But brands who were early to the mobile market no longer have a stellar advantage; virtually all of the world’s best, biggest and fastest-growing […]

6 Email Deliverability Tips All Marketers Need to Know

Email deliverability, or the ability to ensure your email messages land in the inbox of the intended recipient, is not always top of mind for marketers planning their email strategies and campaigns. As a result, many marketers don’t have proper awareness of inbox performance until messages are already in the junk/spam folder, blocked and/or suffering […]

Personalization Will Grow Your Business – Or Your Competitor’s [REPORT]

If you’re still not convinced that personalization can bring substantial benefits to the companies that adopt it, the results from a new survey by Boston Consulting Group just might persuade you. BCG queried more than 50 large companies and found that: True personalization spurs growth. Brands that create personalized experiences by combining digital technologies and […]
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