6 Major Digital Marketing Fails and How to Avoid Them [SlideShare]

Digital marketers everywhere are challenged to provide relevant, contextual experiences to individuals. Whether it’s a poorly placed ad or complete email screw up, even the most experienced digital marketers can slip up. Your digital marketing should draws in readers and shoppers, helping to drive traffic and action exactly where you need it to be. To […]

3 Areas to Innovate Your Marketing Strategy (And Help Deliver on 2017 Goals)

In a recent survey of 200 retail marketers, we found that 1 in 5 of marketing organizations fell short of their marketing goals in 2016. Of the organizations that did succeed, 75% said the correlation was tied to budget growth. In an ideal world, every year marketing budgets increase – but that’s wishful thinking. Teams […]

Whole Foods Launches New Loyalty Program; A Peek Into Amazon Prime

This week we’ll look at some new data about consumers’ hunger for personalization, and how Whole Foods is capitalizing on that. We’ll also get a peek, courtesy of Morgan Stanley, into Amazon’s Prime program. Taken together, these items show that the reality of survival in online retail is becoming ever clearer. Free shipping remains a […]

The Data Science Dilemma: Should Marketers Build, Buy, or Both? [VentureBeat]

This article originally appeared on VentureBeat. Data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms have become the business buzzwords du jour. And with good reason. Organizations adopting data science-driven automation see up to 10x improvement in business process speed, 72 percent reduction in customer churn, and 40 percent reduction in new customer acquisition costs. It’s […]

Back to Marketing Basics: Market Segmentation and Target Market

Segmentation is a key tenet of effective marketing. How can you achieve your goals if you aren’t reaching the right consumers?  However, what many marketers don’t realize is that there are new, better ways to segment audiences that aren’t solely based on demographics or shared behaviors. Brands using predictive intelligence to power smarter segmentation are […]

Keeping the Gray Lady Spry: How The New York Times Is Going Digital-First

When an internal memo on digital strategy leaked from the New York Times in May 2014, the publishing industry was riveted. Here was one of the world’s most venerated journalistic institutions highlighting its own weak points in comparison to the “crowded, better funded and more innovative” world of digital media. Since then, the paper has […]

12 Experts Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Download our Digital Retail Innovation Report to learn how marketers are breaking through barriers to meet 2017 goals and the trends on the key channels successful marketers are investing in. — Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are one of the most over-used and little understood terms in business development and management. They are too often taken […]

Increasing Repeat Purchase Rates: Generating New Growth from Current Customers

In the competitive, low-margin world of online retail, repeat purchases from loyal customers lead to long-term growth and increased market share. Amazon’s continually rising stock price, which hit $856 in February, shows that Wall Street has heard this message loud and clear. Despite years of razor-thin profits, investors continue to believe that Amazon’s 65 million Prime members, and […]

9 Key 2017 Retail Trends (and How to Put Them Into Action) [Webinar]

Every year it seems marketers are challenged to exceed their goals with less resources and we confirmed this when we surveyed more than 200 retail marketers to find out how their programs did in 2016, how they plan to approach the coming challenges in 2017 and where they are most focused when it comes to […]
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