For the Love of Transactional Email: Q&A with PayPerks’ Jessica Sirizzotti

Order received. Reset your password. Your monthly balance summary. These are just a few of the transactional email types that we all know, love and more importantly, expect. Whether you’re a rabid online shopper or someone who just uses online banking, transactional emails are important. They’re tailored for you, based on information you should have. […]

3 Ways Retailers Use Digital Technology to Improve the In-Store Experience

Sailthru’s first-ever Retail Personalization Index is based off an in-depth examination of the personalization strategies of 100 well-known retail brands. While many brands have made some great progress in using digital data to improve the customer experience, we also found a few areas where we might see major improvement over the next few years. Among […]

Macy’s Looks to Loyalty to Drive Revenue; Nike and The New York Times Focus on Personalization

How do savvy brands increase their sales? Increasingly, it’s by leveraging direct connections with consumers built through loyalty programs, email, and multi-channel personalization. This week we’ll look at how Macy’s, Nike and The New York Times are using these strategies to create relevant consumer connections that increase revenue. To Win Back Consumers, Macy’s Redesigns Its […]

Behind the Retail Personalization Index: How We Ranked 100 Brands’ CX

When we began to create our first-ever Personalization Index, we knew it would be a massive undertaking. We already had a methodology framework we were using internally, called Experience the Brand, that our staff uses to better understand brands’ efforts at personalization. Completing an Experience the Brand analysis takes a significant amount of time, but […]

How Retailers are Using Mobile Apps: the Good, the Bad, and the Opportunity

There’s no doubt that mobile shoppers are increasingly important to retailers. Mobile commerce will grow 58 percent this holiday season compared to last year, according to a recent prediction from eMarketer. The eMarketer team also forecasts that more than 16 percent of this year’s increase in overall holiday ecommerce sales will be driven by growth […]

Social Ads Aren’t Converting Shoppers, But Online Holiday Wish Lists Will

While social media channels continue to push advertising options, a recent survey reveals that consumers don’t view Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram as shopping venues. What consumers will respond to this coming holiday season are online wish list tools, whether they’re buying online or in-store. We’ll also take a look at a $100-a-year membership offering from […]

Personalization vs. Segmentation: The Real Difference and Why it Matters

Personalization is many things to many marketers. For some, it’s a business strategy that increases customer lifetime value and paves the way for profitable, sustained growth. For others, it’s a set of tactics used to boost website traffic or email open and response rates. A few marketers probably still see personalization as a buzzword. But […]

Why Every Real Estate App Needs Rich Messaging and Personalization

Searching for a new rental apartment or house is the 2017 version of The Art of War. You must know the players. You need a game plan, and above all else you can never look back. But making a quick decision on where you’ll live for the next year is harrowing– and “quick” is generous. […]

How 100 Retailers are Leveraging the Power of Personalization: A Q&A with Sailthru’s Robert Jones

As Sailthru’s Director of Research and Insights, Robert Jones recently oversaw the comprehensive research that went into Sailthru’s first-ever Retail Personalization Index. This massive research project shines a light on the personalization strategies being used by different retailers, highlighting the most creative and effective among them. Here, Jones explains the purpose of the Index, the trends […]
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