7 Retail Marketers Reveal Their Paths to Personalisation

Personalisation used to be seen as just a trend, which was often achieved by adding a “FirstName” field in the subject line of an email, or if you had browser cookie on your site, then maybe a message might appear: “Welcome back, James”.   Over the last several years personalisation has evolved tremendously, with the […]

Why Your Customers Want More From You Than Just Your Products

Think of the last purchase decision you made. Was it solely based on a better or unique product offering? Or did it have more to do with what the company stands for, how its products are made, or how it supports (or doesn’t support) a cause you care about? With endless buying options available and […]

Increasing Repeat Purchase Rates: Work Those Loyalty Program Members

Simply put, loyalty programs work. Witness Starbucks. Sephora. And Amazon Prime. And some stats from the 2016 Bond Brand Loyalty report: 80% of surveyed consumers say loyalty programs make them more likely to do business with a certain brand, and 70% say they buy stuff to maximize points. Clearly, there’s a strong link between repeat […]

The Customer Experience Imperative with DealNews: A Q&A with Bruce Hammonds

DealNews is a discount aggregator that is redefining your view on deals sites. Founded in 1997, DealNews was one of the first companies of its kind in digital commerce. And, after all these years DealNews continues to be one of the top players is the discount world. So, what’s their secret? We recently sat down […]

Why Investopedia Invested in Personalization & How They Achieved 114% Lift in Engagement

Last year, the folks at Investopedia faced a series of challenges that may sound all too familiar. The email team was wasting time managing and tweaking different templates, manually curating content for multiple email newsletters. The structure of the website was outdated, and the site’s tagging was inconsistent. Together, these two things made it hard […]

Turn Shoppers into Loyalists After They Click Buy with Post-Purchase Messaging

Reaching out to consumers at the point of purchase offers a powerful opportunity to make a mark that many retailers miss. In a recent survey from, 40% of those surveyed say that post-purchase experiences, such as returns, make up the most memorable aspect of the overall brand experience and almost 80% say that a […]

Personalisation — What Works and What Doesn’t?

Last week Drapers, N Brown Group, East and Sailthru hosted a discussion on what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to personalisation. Hundreds of retail marketers and leaders joined the live webcast, where participants covered the hallmarks of a great online customer experience, what personalisation tactics customers truly value, the blockers keeping retailers […]

Creating High Purr-formance Customer Loyalty with MedicAnimal: A Q&A with Alan Lawrenson

MedicAnimal is a London-based online pet healthcare retailer, selling pet products including prescription medicines, pet food and accessories, and also owns retailers Pet Supermarket and Petmeds. Unlike other pet ecommerce companies, MedicAnimal was founded by a veterinarian Andrew Bucher. Whilst each company has a different target customer and proposition, one thing is for sure, the […]
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