"We’re using Sailthru to serve readers more of the articles we know they like to read. The results of personalization are impressive, delivering a 160 percent increase in web pageviews while at the same time being infinitely more customer and resource-friendly." Anna Rawling VP of Digital Engagement and Retention
+160% Increase in
website pageviews from email
+79% Increase in
pageviews per click from email
+17% Increase in
email clickthrough rates


While many of the world’s most historic publishers have struggled to maintain relevance as consumer attention shifts to digital and mobile, The Economist has thrived as a true 21st century publisher. Starting in 2014, The Economist partnered with Sailthru to personalize each subscriber’s experience in email and on Economist.com. Here were their goals:

  • De-silo marketing channel and subscriber data
  • Better understand individual reader behaviors and interests
  • Connect and personalize email and website experiences
  • Increase volume and quality of email traffic
  • Increase depth of visit and visit frequency



With Sailthru, The Economist has increased both the volume of their retained audiences and revenue derived through retention. Our team identified multiple opportunities for the leading brand to deliver personalized experiences. The complete solution allows The Economist to:

  1. Create individual reader profiles that include both email and website behavioral data
  2. Understand individual audience member’s topical interests and how individual interests compare to other readers
  3. Increase email response through personalized email subject lines and send time based on individual reader profiles
  4. Increase email conversion through personalized email content recommendations
  5. Increase visit frequency and pageviews through personalized website recommendations
  6. Increase depth of visit by suppressing content that an individual has previously consumed via email or web


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