"With Sailthru we’ve actually shifted our whole model — we’re steadily increasing engagement every single day. We feel like we’re finally figuring out a way to talk to our customers on an individual basis." Abbie Stalnaker, Marketing Manager
+100% increase in
email revenue
+4,500% increase
in return on ad spend using retention data to drive acquisition
+82% increase in
purchase conversion


Country Outfitter is a leading boot, handbag, and apparel retailer. With nearly 8.5 million fans the brand has experienced rapid growth, quickly becoming a household name for those who appreciate strong customer service and fine craftsmanship. To evolve from pure play e-retailer, to a cultural portal providing content and connection to entertainment, brand leaders came to Sailthru with the following goals:

  • Consolidate multiple points solutions to connect the customer experience across multiple channels
  • Understand individual customer behaviors and interests.
  • Deliver personalized recommendations and brand content through email and web.
  • Increase the depth and length of customer engagement.
  • Reduce level of disengaged customers.
  • Increase customer lifetime value.
  • Optimize customer acquisition efforts.



With Sailthru, Country Outfitter transformed their marketing operations and programs. Team members were freed from the manual nature of managing lists to focusing on marketing strategy. Marketing programs evolved from batch-and-blast campaigns to advanced personalization strategies. To accomplish this, Country Outfitter leverages the Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud to:

  1. Collect email and website behavioral and interest data to create a single view of customers.
  2. Personalize email campaigns and onsite experiences with dynamic product and content recommendations based on customer profiles to increase response and revenue and to decrease disengagement and churn.
  3. Segment customers based on their predicted purchase behaviors to establish a new “top customers” list, which receives specific purchase-oriented messaging
  4. Measure downstream impact of marketing programs through cohort analysis to increase volume and value of retained customers.
  5. Optimize acquisition by predicting 1-year lifetime value and build lookalike audiences via Facebook Custom Audiences.


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