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One powerful platform.

Sailthru Smart Data™

Marketers capture more user data than ever before.
Understanding the omnichannel customer often gets overwhelming.

Sailthru lets you act faster and think smarter with one simple solution.


Instantly capture all user data in one place and get downstream insights by source cohort


Drive a sticky early user experience to reduce opt‑outs and accelerate time to first purchase


Utilize the most relevant content to improve purchase frequency and reduce list attrition


Leverage targeted recommendations to improve average order value and boost pageviews

Discover the transformative power of Sailthru Smart Data™


Sailthru is the market's only solution that offers one single platform for understanding every component of the omnichannel customer.

Data & Analytics, Real Time Insights, Multi-Channel Delivery
All Automated.

The Sailthru Smart Data™ solution addresses your marketing challenges to transform your business model:


Sailthru empowers clients in publishing, news, travel, gaming and beyond to drive improved reader engagement, yielding millions of incremental pageviews and stronger ad revenues.

  • Surfacing the most relevant content on site, in app and via email
  • Increasing user engagement/pageviews per visit with hyper-targeted content recommendations
  • Mitigating risk of list attrition via 1:1 personalization
  • Assessing and improving content and advertising performance
  • Understanding revenue trade-offs between advertising and engagement
  • Using email effectively to drive engagement and retention
  • Improving efficiencies around list management and template creation
  • Garnering insights around list source data and downstream engagement


Sailthru partners with traditional retailers as well as e-tailers, affiliate companies, flash sale brands and beyond to convert more browsers into buyers and increase customer lifetime values.

  • Maintaining a single user data system to understand cross-platform adoption and behaviors (e.g. site, mobile, email)
  • Improving browser-to-buyer conversion to decrease customer acquisition costs
  • Accelerating and increasing repeat purchase
  • Extending customer lifetime value (CLV) without relying on short-sighted tactics
  • Mitigate risk of email fatigue via automated 1:1 content recommendations
  • Distilling key revenue drivers from user behavior data (e.g. iPhone shoppers boast higher CLVs than Android buyers)
  • Understanding downstream analytics to gauge the true cost of promotions
  • Recapture “lost” customers with hyper-relevant win-back tactics


Sailthru works with a host of subscription businesses – from online dating to financial services to language-learning – to accelerate freemium conversion and improve customer renewal rates.

  • Maintaining a single user data system to understand cross-platform adoption and behaviors (e.g. site, mobile, email)
  • Boosting and accelerating conversion rates from free to paid users
  • Maintaining ongoing engagement for non-paying members via 1:1 content recommendations
  • Increasing paid customer engagement to mitigate the risk of churn
  • Understanding downstream impact of promotions and free trials
  • Building trigger-based emails to accurately and efficiently message to a wide variety of customer states
  • Streamlining marketing communications to make messaging more effective overall


Community platforms leverage Sailthru to improve overall user engagement, meaning better user experiences and deeper sessions that lead to material gains in ad revenue.

  • Surfacing the most relevant content on site, in app and via email
  • Optimizing email as a retention channel without negatively impacting the customer experience
  • Strategizing, designing and analyzing marketing programs in a multi-device world
  • Driving incremental pageviews through content recommendation modules
  • Enhancing content monetization strategy via user engagement improvements