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We believe that no two users should experience a brand in the same way.

Sailthru Smart Data™ empowers marketers to turn data into insights and act on those findings quickly and automatically.

Drive deeper engagement to increase overall revenue

Relevant and Timely
Triggered Communications

Our Smart Strategies solution allows you to set sophisticated “drip” campaigns designed to automatically re-engage older users, accelerate repeat purchases, recapture cart abandonment, offer a free trial, etc.—all at the most opportune times.

Personalized Content and Recommendations

Our proprietary technology tracks site, email, mobile, offline and social behavior to develop a robust interest profile for each unique customer. From there, we can automatically populate all of your communications with the most pertinent content and products.

Transcend Segmentation for
More Targeted Marketing

Say farewell to messy SQL queries and limiting RFM deciles; use Sailthru to build dynamic, sophisticated user groups based on the extensive behavioral data available for each customer.


Use Sailthru Advanced Analytics to arm your marketing team with deeper customer insights to optimize every marketing decision.

Intuitive and Actionable
Revenue Management

Sailthru’s standard revenue and pageview metrics empower marketers and editorial/curation teams to optimize their marketing campaigns and promotions based on real dollars rather than just opens or clicks.

Reduce the risk of customer disengagement and attrition

We make it our business to help you do your job better.


Reporting & Insights

In addition to standard campaign-level reporting, Sailthru provides snapshots around metrics like downstream cohort behavior, customer lifetime value and much more.

Strategic and
Creative Services

We also offer a wide assortment of professional services to assist you at every step along the way, such as deliverability consulting, template/creative design and optimization and marketing and CRM strategy development.