A New Engagement Level

Our user engagement levels are one of the best single predictors of who will respond to your emails. While it varies across different userbases, typically the users who are previously active have clicks, opens, and RPM (revenue per thousand emails sent) of at least 5-10 times and often 30 or more times that of dormant […]

Easy Horizon Tracking

Our Horizon features are really cool, and they’re part of what makes Sailthru unique. You can dynamically learn about individual users’ interests, and personalize every aspect of their emails. Some of our customers (most recently Flavorpill) are using this technology to revolutionize the email newsletter. If you’re reading this, you probably should, too. Up until […]

Assignment With =

For a long while now, we’ve allowed you to set local variables in your templates and emails with the set() function. Like so: {set(‘myvar’, 42)} Well, set() is fine but it was a little limited, and kind of ugly-looking. One of our clients emailed today and asked how they could loop through an array of […]

why make unsubscribing difficult?

Mistakenly believing it will keep list attrition minimal, many people love to make unsubscribing difficult. It amazes me that people still think this is a reasonable way to treat end users. Do you want your brand to be perceived as not looking after your customers? If I’m a subscriber to your content who wants out, […]

All HTTPS, All The Time

As of this afternoon, the Sailthru admin interface now makes HTTPS mandatory. We’ve supported an HTTPS version of the interface for a while now, but it wasn’t required for all users until today. What’s HTTPS/SSL? It’s a secure data transport layer for websites. Basically, it means that your communications are encrypted, so nobody can eavesdrop […]

Sailthru and Amazon Simple Email Service

Some people have been asking about Amazon’s Simple Email Service, which was just launched and offers email sending at a super-low price. Yesterday, I posted my thoughts on this service on Business Insider. Sailthru, as you might have noticed, also sends email. Isn’t Amazon competitive and charging a much lower price? Not really. Sailthru is […]

Engaging your audience from day 1 – CLV

I speak with a lot of fellow entrepreneurs that are preparing to launch, are in beta, or just general startup mode, and much of the time they have no end-user engagement plan. Here’s an example: you have a holding page for your new exciting travel site, and you are out there talking to everyone about […]

Gmail Priority Inbox

I love email marketers, as a lot of them are our clients! However, it amazes me how many people in the email industry just don’t understand email today. They worry about gmail priority inbox, and how to get users to mark their emails as important so that their marketing email is upgraded into it. For […]

Engaging Loyal Fans

Imagine you’re the lead singer in a band. You’re playing Madison Square Garden.  That’s right, you rock.  You look out into the crowd and you see to one side of the room your fans are up on their feet with lighters aloft (or, these days, cell phone screens), and singing along (they know every word). […]

Paradise by the Dashboard

As part of the ongoing redesign of our user interface, we’ve just rolled out a new dashboard feature. Now, when you sign in to your Sailthru account you’ll be presented with selected metrics that provide a clear and quickly digestible window into your account performance.   In the example pictured above you’ll notice charts displaying […]
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