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Who am I?  I’m a professional woman living in New York City between the ages of 18-35. These are the differentiators that traditional marketers have gathered, and the ones that have identified me on every list I’ve joined in the last decade. Now the received wisdom dictates that I should be sent discounts on lipstick […]

Blood in the Water– Shark Attack Survival Guide for Email

Sadly, Shark Week has come and gone again.  But there are only 51 more weeks of “Cash Cab” until it returns for an unprecedented 24th week of shows featuring killer fish flying through the air and hosts using such technical terms as “chumsicle”.   Though the blood in the water may have dissipated for another […]

The Upstart, We’ll Gladly Wear that Mantle

Thanks StartupDigest for the nod last week when you included us in your Email Mafia as “The Upstart” – We like the scrappy nature of the name that conjures up an image of a fighter in the ring with new moves and something to prove. We are that company, and as part of those […]

unintentional irony

If following those twenty-five essentials leads to an email campaign like this I’d say it’s time for a new list.

“text only” test send

For clients who want to preview how their emails will be rendered by text only email clients our “text only” feature allows them to test send text only versions of their emails.  When editing a campaign or template, simply select the “text only” box and test send to the emails of your choosing. Now try […]

New List Growth reporting

As part of our ongoing effort to add power and ease of use to our UI we’ve introduced a new dimension to our Email List Growth report.   When viewing this report you’ll now see not only the total size of the list, but the netchange in the list size over a selected period.  Net increases […]

Are Your Emails Anticipated & Appreciated?

This article was originally posted on Email Insider by Ryan Deutsch. As with many of you, I have been in the marketing technology space for a little while. During that time, I have heard (and certainly spoken) my share of buzzwords. In fact, I could probably throw together 500 words on email marketing buzzwords — […]

Help support Haiti relief

Like many others, the enormity of the Haitian catastrophe has touched our hearts and reminded us that we all need help at one time or another.  So we asked ourselves what we as a company could do to help.  Once of those things is to support the red cross by including one of their banners […]

Spam is in the eye of the beholder

How do you define spam messages?  Are they unsolicited ads for “male enhancement,” car insurance and diet pills, not to mention a cornucopia of prescription drugs?  Well, sure.  And it’s estimated that up to 96% of all world-wide email traffic is comprised of spam—a problem that needs no enhancement.  But with ISP’s becoming ever more […]

Interpreting the analytics from an A/B split

This isn’t the forum to develop a complete explication of comparing the analytics from an A/B split, but I do want to use an example to point out some of the weird and interesting results that can be teased out in an A/B test. I’m sometimes called upon to come up with subject lines and […]
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