The Future of Selling Fashion

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We love seeing all of the amazing news coming from the team at Conde Nast, they're proving time and time again they are a modern publishing company able to create new, sustainable revenue streams that ultimately enhance relationships with their audience.

The Marketing Mega-Trend Behind Mary Meeker’s 2015 Report


It’s that time of year when Mary Meeker descends from whatever you might call the analyst version of Mount Olympus and bestows upon us the gift of 197 pages of trends for the coming year, enough charts to fuel thousands of tweets and the classic “ran out of time” section. It’s a mountain of work and a mountain of information to consume.

Discounting 101: Consumer-Driven vs. Market-Driven Discounts

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There are many different flavors when it comes to discounts, but they all fall into two main categories: consumer driven, which are triggered by consumer behavior, and market driven, which consider the competitive and economic environment in which your company operates.