This Week in Retention: Mobile Retains Wal-Mart Customers and Converts Holiday Sales; Gucci, Burberry and Other Luxury Brands Go All-In for Ecommerce

If you thought 2016 was the year of mobile, you haven’t seen anything yet. This week, we’ll look at improving mobile conversion rates and Wal-Mart’s strategy to use mobile to improve retention. We’ll also see how luxury brands are catching onto e-commerce trends – among them, mobile. Mobile Conversion Rates Climb, But Average Order Values… […]

How the Flutter App Is Changing Women’s Health with Artificial Intelligence []

 This post originally appeared on the blog.  It’s hard to imagine managing health and fitness effectively without a mobile device. Between fitness trackers, food tracking apps, heart rate monitors, sleep trackers and beyond, our devices have become a critical tool in managing our daily and long-term health. Jason Curry knows this better than anyone. […]

Data-Driven Marketing for All Email: B2B to B2C [Webinar]

Understanding how to measure KPIs is critical for every industry. But having a pulse on the numbers is one thing; having a pulse on the right numbers is another. Our EVP of Customer Success, Cassie Lancellotti-Young, is a strong supporter of playing the marketing long game. Revisiting your strategies regularly is key to corroborating that […]

5 Ways to Re-engage Readers Before They Churn Away

The key to monetizing an audience is retaining an audience. Or, to put another way, a loyal audience is a profitable audience. Bottom line: Once you get a subscriber, whether for an email newsletter or publication access, you don’t want to lose her. But according to Email Monks, the average lists decays by 25% per […]

8 Ways to Monetize Email Newsletters for Publishers

Email newsletters are pretty much ubiquitous, but when’s the last time you gave a fresh look at how you might monetize yours? Recently the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism presented a working paper that explores eight different email newsletter business models, including direct revenue generation, brand promotion, audience engagement and subscription conversion, among […]

How Betabrand is Driving Loyalty with Alternative Payment Methods [Podcast]

When shopping online, there are some key components that make the experience seamless. Ultimately, conversions make or break your business — so optimizing the checkout experience is one major key. Alternative payment options in particular are becoming increasingly important for online retailers. Providing payment options can recoup 30% of sales by customers that abandon carts. […]

How Artsy Is Using Email to Bring the Art World Online

The art world may be have been reluctant to come online, but in the past few years a number of startups have been busy ushering the art business into the digital era. One of a handful of heavyweights in this arena is Artsy, which aims to make the world’s art accessible to anyone with an […]

Holiday 2016 Shows That “Mobile-First” Is Already Here

There are just two things retailers need to know about the 2016 holiday shopping season. First, it showed the power of ecommerce and digital marketing more powerfully than ever before. Second, it’s not over yet. Happy Holidays for Digital Retailers This year, ecommerce was up 34%, globally, over last year’s holiday shopping season. That’s an […]
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