The Email Marketing Testing Paradox

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It fascinates me that in 2015 digital marketers still have to convince each other that real testing is important -- why is it that we still need to convince ourselves that decisions should be driven by data and metrics and not gut feeling?

What is Sailthru?

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I founded Sailthru in 2008 when no one was speaking the language of “omnichannel”; marketing automation was still in its infancy, and marketers believed personalization was all about “Dear ”.

The Ever-Intersecting World of Mobile and Social (And 5 Ways to Leverage It)


These days, your customers are spending more time than ever on their mobile devices, whether it’s to check their social media accounts, read their email, or to shop--often, it’s to do all at the same time. So, here’s the real question for marketers: How do you leverage the full potential of the intersecting relationship between social and mobile to drive conversions?

A Day In the Life of the IoT – Where & How Marketers Must Connect


Data about how and where people spend their time is more accessible than ever, and will only continue to grow with the anticipated explosion of the Internet of Things--but util recently, this data regarding how consumers spend their time at home, interact with their communities and manage health and wellness had not been directly captured.

The Key Pillars of Social Media’s Value in Ecommerce


If you think that managing your brand’s Facebook and Twitter posts alone are already time-consuming enough, consider this statistic: More than 60% of brands worldwide said they were engaging their customers on 7 or more social networks. Here are some key priorities to consider as you craft your own social media strategy and the role that different platforms may play depending upon your goals and the demographics of your customer base.