Beyond Viewability: New Metrics Shift Dollars to Digital

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Almost as soon as an industry consortium released viewability standards for digital ads last year, advertisers and agencies began clamoring for something better. The guidelines established last spring, following the effort led by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Association of National Advertisers, Interactive Advertising Bureau and Media Rating Council, say that a display ad is considered viewable if 50% of its pixels are in view for at least one second.

Must Love Algorithms: Why Marketers Shouldn’t Fear the Machine

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I recently spoke at NYC Media Lab's Personalizationpalooza, alongside a number of peers using algorithms to personalize in different ways, and the question on many people's minds got asked out loud: what about the human element? Are algorithms a replacement for people? The answer is no.

20 Ways to Optimize Your Unique Value Proposition and Lift Website Sales Today

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What if I told you there is an element on every website that is crucial for increasing sales and conversion rates, but is often neglected by online marketers and online business owners? It’s your unique value proposition (UVP – or unique selling proposition). To be effective, it should quickly show visitors the benefits of using your website, who it’s ideally for, and why use it instead of competitors.

How Netflix Wins with Content (and How You Can, Too)

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Netflix may have been the one of the first big-name internet television companies to release an original series in bulk-release format, but their decision to buy House of Cards wasn’t driven by a desire to be “first” -- it was a decision driven by customer data. Now, Netflix has updated the Long Term View: a bold perspective on their position in the internet TV industry and how their commitment to providing only the best content for the consumer-driven experience will accelerate their growth in 2015.

The Incredible Purchasing Influence of Social Media


For the most part, your average customer isn’t turning to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to buy stuff on the spot. Where social media really shines is in its ability to influence future buying behavior as consumers seek more information about products and act on recommendations made by people in their network.

How Brands Got In On Chinese New Year’s Digital Gifting Craze


"Social and mobile are two of the biggest trends in China today, and digital red envelopes sit at the intersection of this, so it's unsurprising that brands are finding ways to raise brand engagement and encourage consumer spending," Tom Birtwhistle, who does digital consulting at PwC Hong Kong, wrote in an email. Another survey from the consultancy found that Chinese consumers' engagement with social networks is unmatched globally, which Mr. Birtwhistle called a "key reason for the 'viral' success of the hongbao phenomenon."

3 Tips for Personalizing Content at Any Library Size

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Marketers today know that personalization is increasingly important to running a successful business--but we know a challenge facing many marketers in adoption is the fear of not being able to provide the contiguous experience that users expect due to a lack of variety available. In this post, we’ll break down our tips for providing unique, personalized experiences for every visitor with virtually amount of content you’re able to generate,

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Benchmarks

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If I were to tell you that a recent tweet of mine received 20 clicks, what would you think? Maybe 20 clicks sounds like a lot based on what you’ve found for your own accounts--maybe 20 clicks sounds rather lean, considering what you know about clickthrough rates of big brands or your most successful posts.