Rent the Runway and Starbucks Double Down on Mobile Engagement and Innovation

Leading retailers are eagerly adopting mobile to increase engagement with their customers — or in Starbucks’ cases, further investing in what’s already proved to be an insanely effective loyalty tool. Rent the Runway recently announced they’ll be using chat to engage shoppers personally before they show up to shop and then continue the experience in-store, […]

The Top 5 Reasons Customers Don’t Return to Your Brand

Loyal customers are the most valuable customers. Our most iconic brands are known for cultivating long-standing relationships and creating the ever-valued “tribe” of enthusiasts and advocates. Its why we still line up at the Apple store for a launch, why there’s 2-3 brand names that appear on the majority of tags in our closet, why […]

Email and Mobile Strategies to Increase Reach, Engagement and Repeat Visitors

One road to digital media success is using technology to its greatest effect. While many publishers already have email newsletters and optimized mobile apps for driving traffic, they’re often not getting the most impact they can from them, which in turn limits their impact on repeat visits. Expanding both simple and sophisticated uses of email […]

Using New Data Insights to Grow and Maintain Loyalty with Kroger and The Wall Street Journal

Successful shopper and reader engagement calls for an increasingly nuanced understanding of consumer behavior and preferences. This week we’ll look how The Wall Street Journal has used this understanding to boost the open rates on its push notifications, and how grocers are using personalization to combat waning loyalty and increased competition. Then we’ll ask: Were […]

Your Guide to eTail West 2017: The 7 Must See Sessions

In just a few short weeks, over 1,000 marketers will be pouring into Palm Springs for WBR’s annual eTail West. If you’re one of these marketers, get ready for a jam packed agenda with panels featuring ecommerce executives and industry thought leaders, roundtable discussions, one-on-one Q&A’s and so much more. We realize this agenda may […]

The 5 Factors Linking Retention and Profitability

The most commonly-cited benefit of improved customer retention sure is a compelling one: increased profitability. There have been a ton of studies on this, but one from Bain & Company found that, depending on which industries they were in, companies that improved customer retention by just five percent improved profitability by anywhere from 25 to […]

How Walmart Uses Its Mobile Strategy to Retain Customers

If you thought 2016 was the year of mobile, you haven’t seen anything yet. This week, we’ll look at improving mobile conversion rates and Walmart’s strategy to use mobile to improve retention. We’ll also see how luxury brands are catching onto e-commerce trends – among them, mobile. Mobile Conversion Rates Climb, But Average Order Values… We […]

How the Flutter App Is Changing Women’s Health with Artificial Intelligence []

 This post originally appeared on the blog.  It’s hard to imagine managing health and fitness effectively without a mobile device. Between fitness trackers, food tracking apps, heart rate monitors, sleep trackers and beyond, our devices have become a critical tool in managing our daily and long-term health. Jason Curry knows this better than anyone. […]

Data-Driven Marketing for All Email: B2B to B2C [Webinar]

Understanding how to measure KPIs is critical for every industry. But having a pulse on the numbers is one thing; having a pulse on the right numbers is another. Our EVP of Customer Success, Cassie Lancellotti-Young, is a strong supporter of playing the marketing long game. Revisiting your strategies regularly is key to corroborating that […]

5 Ways to Re-engage Readers Before They Churn Away

The key to monetizing an audience is retaining an audience. Or, to put another way, a loyal audience is a profitable audience. Bottom line: Once you get a subscriber, whether for an email newsletter or publication access, you don’t want to lose her. But according to Email Monks, the average lists decays by 25% per […]
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