Ecommerce Trends: 128 Stats Revealing How Modern Consumers Shop

Despite how easy it is to launch a webstore, scaling an online business remains extremely difficult even for the most seasoned ecommerce expert. Ecommerce sales are growing, but many retailers are struggling to capitalize on their digital sales channels. The secret to success is no longer just get it out there and see how it […]

Yet Again, Personalization – and Simplicity – Save the Day

This week in retention, a clever thinker unearths new possibilities for customer engagement, a radically simplified web site design boosts unique users by double digits and hammers bounce rates; and still more evidence that one-size-fits-all loyalty programs, at least for the mass affluent, are on their way out. New Opportunities for Post-Purchase Engagement No matter […]

What WWDC’s News Means For Brands

This post originally appeared on Sam Jarman’s blog, an iOS Developer at Sailthru. Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) is an annual conference where over 5,000 software developers gather to learn about the new tools and technologies being made available to them to create great apps. This week Apple held its main keynote, with some notable new features […]

HBR Reveals Results from Studying 168 Companies Prioritizing Machine Learning

Retail and publishing are both – by and large – low margin businesses. Few companies in either vertical can survive without volume — and more recently many are realizing that it’s a small cohort of loyal customers that drive the highest volume of profits. Those businesses relying purely on acquisition to maintain have tragedy looming. […]

5 of the Most Important Online Trends for Marketing Managers Today

In an ever-changing digital landscape, success often comes down to what you are–and aren’t–doing online. What you do and don’t know about internet marketing can ultimately make or break your online business. The problem is… For so many marketing managers, having to keep up and differentiate between what’s “need-to-know” and what’s simply a temporary fad […]

Why Translating Your Market Segmentation to Personas Make Both More Useful

Download Sailthru’s report, in partnership with Forbes Insights, “Retentionomics: The Path to Profitable Growth”, to uncover research that equips marketing leaders with the insights on acquisition and retention needed to drive growth.  — Market segmentation and personas have the same goal: to help you understand your customers so you can market to them effectively. On the […]

You’re Doing it Wrong: CAC, LTV, Google and ClassPass

This week’s issue of This Week in Retention features three missives from the file folder headed, “You’re Doing it Wrong!” We’re on board with two of the three: We’d bet many companies are calculating their CAC and LTV incorrectly, and it does appear that Google analytics is making a mess of measuring time on-page. ClassPass, […]
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