The 3 Biggest Barriers to Adopting Omnichannel

Industry statistics imply that more marketers are committing to omnichannel - 37% of respondents to a recent eMarketer survey reporting that they are exploring their options for an omnichannel strategy - but the reality is that only a small fraction of firms are fully executing a strategy.

The Reality Behind 5 of Marketing’s Biggest Buzzwords

It's been over a decade since Cassie Lancellotti-Young moved into the marketing space, and the vernacular and buzzwords feel like they have changed by the week -- in this post, she will break down the reality behind the buzz.

Ready to Innovate Email? Time to Find the Perfect Technology Partner

It goes without saying that to accomplish your marketing goals, you’ll need to find the right partners – a process that can often feel a bit like speed dating, as prospective beaus eagerly work to impress you with their good looks and panache, hoping to win your attention with a slick pitch.

Why You Need to Innovate Your Email Marketing Now

In this rapidly evolving age of the Internet of Things, an ever-expanding social landscape, virtual reality and more, email marketing may seem “old school” to some, but don’t be fooled: email delivers massive value to all marketing programs.

Closing the Mobile Conversion Gap: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

Since customers behave – and especially convert – differently with brands depending on device, at Sailthru we’re focused on working with our clients to bridge the mobile conversion gap: the fact that consumers are increasingly consuming messaging and browsing on devices, but not converting on those devices as much as they do from laptops/desktops or instore.
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