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Power true omnichannel experiences with personalization and recommendation technologies designed to scale with your business.

Transform Your Customer Experience With Personalization

Sailthru is the only marketing platform that combines omnichannel data collection, automated personalization and predictive intelligence to optimize customer lifetime value.

Announcing Sailthru Sightlines!

The only predictive intelligence tool built directly into a marketing automation and personalization platform. With Sightlines, Sailthru is now the only single platform with the power to optimize customer lifetime value.

Sightlines makes predictions easy, accurate and actionable.


Every Individual on Every Channel

Omnichannel isn’t a buzzword at Sailthru, we’re built to deliver connected, contiguous experiences to every consumer.


Highlight your entire product and content portfolio by personalizing every aspect of your email automatically, in real-time, to each customer at the time they are most likely to open and convert.


Build rich customer profiles by collecting behavioral, interest and purchase data, and then serve 1:1 product and content recommendations in real-time.


Leverage data from your apps using our Android and iOS mobile SDKs to build complete omnichannel profiles and retain customers through personalized push notifications and SMS.


Acquire and convert high value customers via social media by serving targeted offers, in-feed sign up forms and content specific to your social audiences.


Understand each consumer's connection with your brand by combining in-store purchases with your complete email, onsite, mobile and social marketing.


In addition to baked-in reporting tools that provide real-time data, our turn-key analytics and business intelligence platform is fully integrated into the Sailthru solution, helping you to develop proprietary insights based on long-term data analysis.

Industry Leading, Strategically Driven
Account Management and Services

We’ve built a complete management, optimization and support ecosystem to ensure that our relationship is just as personal as our technology.


Our implementation team ensures your success from day 1. Each team includes an integration consultant, project manager, implementation engineer and creative services designer. Custom teams and ongoing support plans can be developed based on the scale of implementation and consulting needs.


Our Account Management Team takes the time to understand your business needs and goals, and works alongside you to determine what success looks like for your business. We provide best practices, define optimization opportunities, execute strategic business reviews and are your primary source for all Sailthru platform knowledge.


The Sailthru Support Team is available to all clients 24/7. We know that our business actually is your business and when challenges arise it means dollars are being left on the table. We’re working around the clock to ensure your success!


Our creative services team has proven design expertise in creating effective, responsive email templates and subscription centers. We design and build based on your brand guidelines, and all work appears directly in your Sailthru account so that it can be immediately leveraged!


Our training program and individual courses cover all aspects of the Sailthru platform and go deep into individual product features and interfaces. All training is designed and delivered by our inside-training team and will be customized to your specific business goals so that you can make the most of Sailthru.


Sailthru’s expert analytics team regularly works with all sizes of clients to ensure that they are using their data to create and inform high-performing strategies and tactics from the moment they launch with Sailthru. From activation audits and lifetime value assessments to Advanced Analytics and marketing strategy support, we’ll help you optimize your use of Sailthru to produce industry-leading results.


Find out why 60% of consumers prefer personalized communications and experiences, especially when it comes to ecommerce.


Highlights from Mary Meeker's 2014 Internet Trends report specifically tailored for ecommerce by Sailthru strategy experts.