Sailthru Qualification Program

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  • Gain knowledge through Sailthru Academy Sailthru Academy offers a robust curriculum and variety of online and on-site options.
  • Earn Your Sailthru Badge Upon completion, showcase your Sailthru badge on your LinkedIn profile and other professional documentation.
  • Increase Results With Sailthru Sailthru is a powerful platform, make the most of our functionality to lift the metrics that matter most for your business.

Increasing Revenue from Email:

The Definitive Strategy Guide for Fashion, Apparel and Specialty Retail Brands

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The Sailthru Qualification Program is your gateway to sustainable, profitable growth.

Sailthru helps modern marketers at leading retail and media companies build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their customers and readers. With Sailthru, you can easily personalize individual customer experience across your digital communication channels – in email, on your website, and in your mobile application.

By developing 1:1 relationships with your customers through Sailthru you’ll drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and reduce churn. It takes a powerful platform to deliver such results and to ensure that you have a strong foundation for success, we’ve developed our Qualification Program, which is your gateway to long-term success and ongoing support!

Qualification Program Details:

  • The Level 1 and Level 2 Qualifications are multiple choice assessments and are open book
  • Key topics include lists, campaigns, audience builder, reporting, templates and personalization
  • Qualification is best for business and technical users, but anyone can become qualified
  • Upon completion and successful evaluations, you’ll receive your Sailthru Qualified badge(s)
  • To prepare, you can access on demand learning, attend our training webinars or an upcoming Sailthru Academy Days session