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Top-Performing Holiday Emails

Top-Performing Holiday Emails

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection has arrived. And while this update leaves marketers everywhere wondering what that means for the future of email, one thing is already certain: you need to rely on down-the-funnel metrics like clicks and conversions to inspire holiday success this year.

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • Building an email experience that consistently beats industry benchmarks
  • Making your email campaigns more effective and engaging
  • Shifting your email marketing strategy focus to clicks, conversions, and engagement

Topics covered:

  • Subject line personalization
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Inspiring urgency through last-chance product promotions
  • Embedded email polling and first-party data collection
  • Omnichannel customer experiences
  • New arrivals and product launches
  • Advanced targeting and audience segmentation
  • Dynamic content and messaging
  • The value of accountability and transparency
  • Maximizing the impact of mystery email offers
  • Personalized product recommendations

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