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Q2 2018 Edition Top Performing Email & Key Trends

Q2 2018 Edition  Top Performing Email & Key Trends

Sailthru’s Strategy & Optimization team created a benchmarking tool that quantifies the millions of emails we send every minute — yes, every minute. The team looked across our entire client base and compiled the open and click-through rates for every email sent in Q2 of 2018, identifying the top performers, as well as outlining the trends you should consider applying to your own email marketing program.

Download our Q2 2018 Top Performing Emails & Key Trends report to see:

  • The top performing emails from The Daily Beast, Lootcrate, Food52, and others
  • Trends to note and replicate for your email program to fuel opens, clicks and conversions

Topics covered:

  • Email marketing benchmarks
  • Customer lifecycle emails
  • Email personalization
  • Sweepstakes best practices
  • Triggered email best practices

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