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Lessons for Back-to-School Marketers in 2022

Lessons for Back-to-School Marketers in 2022

To connect with today’s digitally savvy consumer, back-to-school marketers need to implement relationship marketing strategies that put the customer at the heart of everything.

In return: they will give you the data you need to deliver better-personalized marketing, and engage in your loyalty programs more than ever before. And now, the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and win the back-to-school marketing season is here.

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • The end of third-party cookies and customer acquisition alternatives
  • Why you can (and should) always collect more zero- and first-party data
  • How to impact the value exchange economy
  • Data enrichment and progressive profiling
  • Messaging at scale to engage every marketing channel

Topics covered:

  • Relationship marketing
  • Personalization
  • Consumer retention
  • Brand loyalty

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